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Astronomers talked about the upcoming global event

Астрономы рассказали о грядущем событии вселенского масштабаThe famous comet “encounter” with Mars.

The scientific community around the world have been carefully prepared to a rather remarkable, even by cosmic standards, event.

It is the encounter of comet Siding spring with the fourth planet of the Solar system Mars. Scientists, thus, prevented the outbreak occurred on the sun.

The comet and Mars met in 2014. According to information provided by scientists, the cosmic body was to fly over the surface of the planet at a distance of three times less than the distance from our planet to the moon. For suggestions scientific figures, the comet was to crash on the surface of Mars, and then leave behind a crater with a diameter of not less than five hundred kilometers.

Nobody expected, however, that at this point there will be a giant in its characteristics, solar flare important point.

It happened at precisely the moment when the tail of the comet was covered Mars. As a result, the energy of the Sun rejected the course of a space object from the red planet. Thus, according to scientists, the finale of this meeting was a huge amount of water vapor, which settled in the upper atmosphere. However, to understand what happened in 2014, experts are only now.

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