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As Helena Rubinstein revolutionized the world of cosmetics

Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein safely be called a beauty revolutionary. She was the first to classify skin types (dry, normal, oily), came up with hydrating treatments for the face, invented the first waterproof mascara, released red lipstick, which the suffragettes made her a symbol. About the legendary woman in our material SPLETNIK.RU. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

From Helena Rubinstein’s actually a few names. For a Jewish family she is Haya from Krakow to Kazimierz. But on the ship, sailing to Australia, and registered as Helena. “Madam” — so refers to her first husband, Edward Titus, and after him and the whole world. Jean Cocteau called her “Empress of beauty”, and this title she kept for more than six decades.

Helena Rubinstein was born in 1870. The eldest of eight sisters, she grew up in a large Jewish family. Rubinstein already in childhood showed an inclination for mathematics and accounting. In addition to the Jewish school Elena had no education, although in his biography she ascribes to himself and the school, and a couple of courses in med school at Cracow University. In fact, almost to the end of the XIX century the medical school of women studies is not accepted.

Early in his career, she took private lessons from chemists, dermatologists, who taught her how to make the skin more elastic. According to rumors, often Rubinstein was photographed in a white coat to continue to tell that she has a medical degree. Subsequently, over the line creams and serums was a whole group of professionals.

In 18 years, Elena ran away from home because father wanted to force her to marry a 35-year-old widower. Fearless Elena leaves the parental home to avoid marriage, and emigrated to Australia, to uncle. In the suitcase she’s got twelve cans of cream of herbs, almond essence and extract of fir. This tool, which was used by her mother, invented by the Hungarian chemist Jacob Likosky. In her memoirs Madame Rubinstein of vspomnila, how to work in a pharmacy, someone in a small laboratory she allegedly learned to mix the components and where invented its first product based on its existing formula Lyuskova — protective cream Valaze, instantly became popular. But more on that later.

Cream was the lucky ticket for Rubinstein at arrival to Australia, she started to sell this tool to other emigrant, whose skin suffered intense sun exposure. According to legend, thanks to this cream Australian star Nellie Stewart disappeared freckles.

Soon Elena opens a store in Melbourne and another in Sydney, then salon in London. This allowed her to get acquainted with European dermatologists, who then helped her to create revolutionary beauty products.

Among a long list of innovations Rubinstein: the first hydrating care — it brand cream Valaze became a bestseller in Australia (it was created in 1902); the first waterproof mascara (released in 1939) and the first anti-aging product (appeared in 1956).

She was one of the first to release funds depending on skin type: the cream day and night, tonics, tightening and activating the mask from acne. The latter produces a sensation among the English ladies, which are included in the Rubinstein salon through the back door, to avoid scandal.

By the beginning of the First world war, Rubinstein is a popular beauty salon in Paris. Elena even thought to move to the French capital, but after her marriage to American journalist Edward William Titus she eventually moved with their two sons in new York.

What is its business Empire rose to the heights. Her company Helena Rubinstein Incorporated opened the salon at the salon, Spa on Fifth Avenue, worked (thinking of the interior to product design)-surrealist artists such as Joan Miro and Salvador Dali. By the way, one of her portraits, the one where she’s chained to a rock with a thread of emeralds, says Salvador Dali. He creates her logo -HR and the design of the powder.

Salvador Dali and Helena Rubinstein

During the Second world war, Rubinstein sends American soldiers means from burns and cosmetics for camouflage. Supports the Polish Red cross.

50 years Helen helped Eleanor Roosevelt to campaign for the fight against cancer (it produced sets of camouflage paint for army)

Men’s salons and cosmetics line also owe their existence to Madame Rubinstein.

But then what about her famous rivalry with beauty magnate Elizabeth Arden? The upgrade of the Arden to the top of the beauty industry occurred almost simultaneously with the rise of Rubinstein. Elizabeth Arden scornfully called his enemy “the other”. They are waging a war to the end of his days, not only using creams and powders. When Arden impresses the Manager of a rival that employs her ex-husband.

Their relationship resembled the rivalry between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots). But ironically, Elizabeth and Elena have never met in real life.

In the 21st century we are not surprised that female politicians appear on the pages of fashion magazines and the owner of a beauty Empire, studying law to better understand the intricacies of the law.

But at the turn of the 20th century, when Rubinstein started their businesses, makeup was considered to some extent as something illegal: brightly painted the prodigal women and suffragettes. For suffragettes fighting for equal rights in Britain and America, red lipstick became a symbol of their emancipation. And lipstick they wore was created by none other than Helena Rubinstein. She wanted to build a new world for women where they could choose their way and to paint as they want, without regard for public opinion. This idea is particularly liked by feminists of the 1920s and 1930s years.

Revolution in the world of beauty, which made Rubinstein, it is not just the availability of cosmetic for the masses is providing new opportunities for women. While Elizabeth Arden Inc continued to flourish as an independent Corporation, company Rubinstein was sold to the concern of Colgate Palmolive in 1973, where she gradually returned to the Empire L’oréal.

In 1937, Rubinstein decided to part ways with Titus — by the time she’s pretty tired of his constant infidelity. Within a year, 66-year-old Empress beauty got married again — for the Georgian Prince, Archil, Gurieli-Tchkonia, who was younger than her 23 years. At the end of life Rubenstein will say that her marriage with Archil Gurieli-tchkonia was a perfect Union. Although, by and large, each spouse had a life. The only thing they had in common, the passion for bridge. Health the Prince never complained, because his unexpected death from a heart attack in 1956, very impressed by Rubinstein.

After his death she went to work, and at the age of 93 in his own office she had a stroke. She died the next day, the first of April 1965, being the richest woman in the world — its Empire at that time was estimated at $ 100 million.

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