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Announced Microsoft Xbox One X

Microsoft has announced the announcement of the new Xbox One X at E3 2017 in the United States. It was previously called Project Scorpio, and it should be considered the main competitor of Sony PS4 Pro. Here only to battle, these consoles will not soon.

Microsoft Xbox One X will go on sale only in November this year, more precisely, on 7 November. In civilized countries, for it asks for exactly $ 500, while in Russia, the abode of stability, it is estimated from 40,000 rubles. To order it from abroad do not advise, because his uncle in uniform can recognize in a plain console enemy is watching the Kremlin (in small letters) the devil-machine and plant you. Precedent, we note, has already been created. What is important, new Microsoft Xbox One X is $ 100 more expensive compared to the Sony PS4 Pro.

In console-based lies 16-nanometer processor, graphics card which is 4 times more powerful than the one in Xbox One S. same Computational kernel performance by 31%, so the power of novelty and truth does not hold. And Yes, it’s all the same AMD Jaguar architecture, as in the previous versions of Xbox. By the way, RAM as such for Microsoft Xbox One X is not — DDR4 replaced by GDDR5 with 384-bit bus, with a volume of 12 GB and a bandwidth of 326 gigabytes per second. Productivity of a video subsystem of a novelty is equal to 6 TFlops 4.2 TFlops vs PS4 Pro. The size of the new console made up 300х240х60 millimeters.

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