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Anatomy of a rumor: the Kremlin in the role of a Taxidermist

Анатомия слухов: Кремль в роли таксидермиста

The authorities decided to stuff a bear party new sawdust, trying to sell it to the voters — now, certainly in recent times

The post-election panic

In Russia continue to reap the benefits of the September elections, and their analysis can be tightened for couple of years. The Central election Commission gathered his Advisory Council, which includes as quite loyal to the current Russian authorities, experts, and independent. Discussed the main theme of the recent reform of the electoral legislation. In spring there were rumors that the Kremlin is preparing seriously to rewrite the rules on the elections before the parliamentary elections of 2021. Single voting day in September 2019 was supposed to be rehearsals. However, a sharp increase in protests and the security forces activation clearly prevented the so-called “political block” in the presidential administration to take the results of this rehearsal of some unique solution. And now, apparently, the discussion will continue.

In spring and summer, for example, there were rumors that the Kremlin would not mind or even cancel the elections on party lists or dramatically change the ratio of spisochnik/odnomandatniki. Today, 50% of the seats given to the party, and the second half of the deputies are chosen in single-mandate constituencies and may even be non-partisan. Here for the party lists were allegedly intended to keep not more than 25% of the seats in the Duma.

However, the elections in the Khabarovsk region showed that there are United Russia party failed to gain a single electoral constituency for elections to the local legislative Assembly. A similar situation exists in Moscow. Of course, after removing almost all recognizable opposition, the authorities could provide the United Russia majority in the Duma. But all candidates from the ruling party went as independents and be the opposition a little more time to lose could they. In the end, the decision to move the Pro-government candidates in single-mandate constituencies and to change the electoral law in their favour has been cancelled. Started political improvisation.

The first thing is clear — the registration of candidates needs to be tightened. Independent candidates too “easily” collected signatures. Now the authorities are supposedly going to have this sort of achievement is completely unrealistic. Then the election commissions on the team are recognized as legitimate by the signature only of those candidates who will approve the power. The opposition, in contrast to the Moscow city Duma elections, will not be grounds for trouble — she really can’t abide unrealistic demands of the law.

In addition, the rumor is that the new curator, not a parliamentary, but a system of political parties in the presidential administration Vyacheslav Smirnov has offered to revive several political projects that could “pull apart” the voices of opposition and to play on the conditional opposition. We are talking about the reincarnation of the green party, which is important amid the mass of environmental problems and scandals — from forest fires to protest against landfill in Cheese.

In addition, the “big politics” may come back “pensioners ‘ Party”, which play on the theme of raising the retirement age, but, of course, within the boundaries of what is permitted by the authorities. Also traditionally considered the option of a “liberal project”.

Clogmaker massively noticed that “clip” suddenly returned opposition leader Vladimir Ryzhkov, whose authorities have traditionally been considered quite credible. He became a member of the Moscow Public chamber, which behaves more active than others of imitating the bodies set up to represent civil society in Russia.

According to this version, Ryzhkov will give to prove himself over the next year and then he can lead the new notional liberal party, which will try to collect at least some votes of the supporters of the non-systemic democratic opposition, which became the nucleus of the protests not only in Moscow, but in Yekaterinburg in 2019.

But the very “United Russia” is waiting for reforming. Will, as rumor has replaced many regional leaders. The authorities, seeing that the time to replace this project until 2024 for something similar on the scale just yet, decided to adopt the skills of a Taxidermist to stuff a bear party new sawdust, trying (now exactly the last time) to sell it to voters. And, as they say, Vladimir Putin is now trying to persuade publicly and actively participate in the campaign “United Russia” before the elections of 2021, which, I must say, it is in the past never did.

The revolt of “national capitals”

Another story for the Kremlin — political turbulence in the national regions, more precisely, their capitals. The trouble began in the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude and after the main opposition candidate, Senator Vyacheslav Marhaeva was closely associated with the Moscow protests. This is one of the few representatives of the systemic opposition in the Federation Council, member of the Communist party, has publicly condemned the use of force to tame protesters in the capital. In the Kremlin, as they say, took the region, which is called “the pencil” and told harshly to restore order, which was done.

But then flashed in Kalmykia. Mayor of its capital, Elista, was appointed the former head of the breakaway Donetsk people’s Republic Dmitry Trapeznikov. After moving to Russia, he, like a few thousand “nomenklatura” with uncontrolled Kiev part of the Donbass, has already managed to make yourself a Russian passport. Now rumor has it that, in the event of a gradual transfer of the region under Ukrainian control, the Kremlin is preparing for the Pro-Russian personnel alternate airports in Russia. And Trapeznikova was chosen as the symbol of this process, to Donetsk and Lugansk commanders understood that they are not leaving and can even employ a “bread” place.

However, alistina the decision of the authorities was not satisfied and started rallies. In their rejection of the “outsider” is, of course, and the national factor — say, Trapeznikov not calmac. But most importantly, of course, is his track record as a field commander in the DNI.

In the end, rumor has it that the team of Vladislav Surkov, who is supposedly the purpose lobbied for the Kremlin, was put on view of its negative results.

Signal to former warlords turned out to be the opposite. They say that now the presidential administration is forced to seek Trapeznikova another application, for example, in some corporations, and come up with a reason for his departure from Elista to save face.

Putin against the public channels

The last large group of rumors spawned by Vladimir Putin personally. At the Valdai forum, he unexpectedly many opposed the denigration of the image of Ukraine and Ukrainians by the Russian Central TV channels. In other words, he publicly commanded such well-known advocates and televeduschiy as Soloviev or Skobeeva, to change the rhetoric and stop to put the residents of the neighboring state in the form of “evil Bandera”.

The logic behind this decision is understandable, because if you continue to talk about the fact that Kyiv defeated the Nazis, then how can this “evil fashistam” you can give the Donbass, where, as never tires of repeating the same propaganda, “there are millions of Russian people”?

Scheme impact on the minds may not be so contradictory and if Ukraine is going to negotiate, agreeing to “formula Steinmeier”, the Kremlin must also modify their policies.

However, it is the President’s statement gave rise to a variety of rumors. From very improbable that fell into disgrace, the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Alexei Gromov, unofficially in charge of state TV, to a quite realistic about the growth of influence in the Kremlin sector other first Deputy head of the AP Sergey Kiriyenko. Tell that Kirienko sought to limit “telesales” in 2017, but then, together with the head of administration of the Kremlin on public projects, his former press Secretary Sergey Novikov, allegedly failed. Now they, as rumor has it, came to an understanding with Alexei Gromov and together, be manually “reload” of the Russian media. Not only under the peace process in Ukraine, but coming in 2021 elections.

There is, however, a version according to which this statement of Vladimir Putin — the result of the work to his press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov. The latter is said to soon get a promotion within the administration of the President, and will oversee the “conciliatory” rhetoric into a unified body of Russian propaganda. Of course, if the softening of the Kremlin’s pressure on Ukraine will continue, and the West, in turn, will begin to seriously adjust sanctions against Russia.


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