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Anatomy of a rumor: the Kremlin against the security forces

Анатомия слухов: Кремль против силовиков

Even the release of several defendants in the “Moscow business” does not mean the end of repression — just illustrative they become systemic.

Young actor and a former employee of “Resguardo” Pavel Ustinov released from prison under recognizance not to leave. Rumor has it that direct command from the Kremlin. Already, Dmitry Peskov, commented on his case in the sense that there is nothing surprising in the rapid “the integer is in the air” the Prosecutor’s office, which at first had made for him six years in prison, and after the trial suddenly decided to ask for his release from custody.

So there is no doubt that on September 23, the verdict on the conclusion of a young actor in 3.5 years will be cancelled. No wonder the government made to independent lawyers assisting the defendants in the “Moscow business”, and was replaced by a loyalist and a member of the public Council under the Ministry of internal Affairs Anatoly Kucherena.

Decisive for the court the fact on the basis of which Ustinov was released, it turns out, was a positive feature from the “Resguardo”. In other words, who is the actor unbolted and then planted, that it was released.

The uprising of people in uniform

Now many are wondering what is going on, why suddenly the authorities have sharply changed a position? There are put forward several versions. The first option is under the pressure of society. In support of Pavel Ustinov after well-known actors not only spoke lazy. Just after the trial appeared the famous letter to the priests in support of the unjustly convicted in the “Moscow case”. Began picketing the presidential administration. In General, this is supposedly the pressure and forced the authorities to reconsider.

There are, however, a completely different hearing. It was voiced by the daughter of presidential press Secretary Peskov Elizabeth. Of course, her post about the plot of the security forces against someone, and immediately President Vladimir Putin was quickly deleted, but still it was noticed by the public.

Given the fact that talking about the release of intelligence and law enforcement out of control “civil authorities” went after the first use of force against protesters in Moscow, that version now many tend to believe. Allegedly, the security forces kicked up on their own by starting and mass incarceration and the fabrication of criminal cases.

However, in some unknown way, the presidential administration has managed to regain the reins and is now tidying up. In particular, the “turns” so-called “Moscow business”. Responsible for it whether Sergei Kiriyenko, whether Anton Vaino, and maybe the head of state Corporation “rostec” Chemezov, who this summer became the only person from the nearest environment of the President, who spoke out against excessive violence against the protesters in Moscow.

This rumor immediately began to acquire dozens of other, even more incredible. For example, there are horror stories: for the suppression of the “rebellion” took almost personal intervention of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the threat of the use of the army against other security forces, or that Vladimir Putin has signed decrees about their resignations, and only this them and stopped. Well, other history, is not credible.

Not surprisingly, the rumor about “rebellion” many casts serious doubt. In accordance with another, alternative hearing Vladimir Putin in the summer I decided to rely just on the security forces. But by mid-autumn in the presidential administration, more specifically, in the political sector, was able to prove to the President that he was wrong, because the actions of the security forces led to the escalation and deepening of the protests.

And, as they say, the team of Sergei Kiriyenko even helped to write addresses and collective letters to some mild protesting groups — the same actors, for example. Someone even says that horror stories about the “coup” was also launched specifically to convince to change positions.

In the end, Putin allegedly managed to get to appoint a new responsible for order in the country. And now to disperse and suppress the protest will be mostly political and technological means. Batons will reserved for extreme cases.

Queue media

However, there is a sense that the real processes taking place in the ruling class, none of these rumors can fully explain. Why, for example, needed to “unleash” the daughter of Dmitry Peskov? Or another question: why in the beginning there was the message about the Syrian Creator and sponsor (in the past) of a number of liberal media Irina Lesnevskaya and then she told me that she accidentally came to the police for allegedly triggered the emergency “panic button”?

The bewilderment remains. Yet, who and why came to the founder of REN TV? Why she is hiding it? Does this mean that high-ranking friends Lesnevskaya managed “to beat off” and stop the search? Whether this story is also with a call on interrogation of gendirektora of TV channel “Rain” Natalia Sindeeva?

The answers to these questions are not even on the level of rumors. However, one version is potentially clarifying the fate of media, there is. The power of truth and allegedly renounced the use of force and decided to destroy the infrastructure of protest methodically and systematically. Now we have to wait for tough new laws this autumn session of the state Duma. As far as the media, all “not loyal enough” needs to change owners, management or, in extreme cases, lose the opportunity to influence the Russian audience.

And all this is only the first stage of a new system of repression.

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