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“Amputee? Are you serious?”: Presenter criticized judges “minute of fame”

The frame of the program “Minute of fame”

After the recent scandal on the show “Minute of fame” when the jury member Renata Litvinova asked the dancer to “fasten the leg”, the First channel tried to find the culprit in the incident. The result was a dismissed employee of the Directorate of music and entertainment programs, which was preparing the show to air. However, a dancer without legs Evgeny Smirnov is sure that to leave was not the employee of the Directorate, and Renata Litvinova, who did not hesitate in expressions.

Harsh words Litvinova in the address of dancer with disabilities was the cause of the scandal on the Network. Many fell on Renata criticism, including producer Maxim Fadeev.

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“Zhenya, she called amputee and, casting his directorial eye, advised him to fasten the prosthesis, the presence which his disability would not be so obvious. The term “amputee” really exists, but, for example, if such a remark was made on American TV show, then immediately a talker at least would have gone to court and paid the fine for public insult and humiliation of the person”, — said the musician.

Later the words Fadeeva joined “revizorro” Lena Flying. TV presenter admitted that he was shocked by the attitude of the jury members to Evgeny Smirnov and Victoria Starikova (Litvinova Posner and his harsh criticism of the eight-year-old brought the girl to tears).

“I’m late, but looked at it nischebrodstvo shower! Amputee?! Are you serious?! This is the First?! What I saw in the air of “minute of fame” to his Wife Smirnov and Victoria Starikova, unacceptable!!! And then we wonder why in our country people with disabilities for people not to think?! Yes, because on the Ground their call amputee, humiliated, and this is the norm, and the whole country is proud to show you! No, not regret, I call, and treated as an equal! Look at this guy, he is a talented, life-loving and worthy of respect, unlike many sitting in the jury of this contest! Am ASHAMED of all: the distinguished Gentlemen who have turned the language is actually pronounce, and those who is released into the air!” — wrote Elena in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Volatile supported Eugene, calling him a gifted dancer and strong man. TV presenter admitted that his work always touches the soul, and she really admires him: “You’re talented, incredibly charismatic, strong, your dancing always touches the soul! I admire what you’re doing! The first time I saw you in another show and the sensuality of the dance, I cried. You’ll always be glad and happy to shake a hand! Just keep dancing and be happy!”

Stood up Elena and Victoria Starikov: “And, of course, support Victoria Starikov! Talent, no matter what she sang for you, gentlemen! What you did with this little vosmiletnej girl, it looked like an execution! Such criticism must be not evil and degrading, and careful not to cause serious injury to a child. Vika, honey, if you read my post, don’t stop, stay strong and keep doing what makes you happy — sing!”

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