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American scientists have grown an unusual alligator

Американские ученые вырастили необычного аллигатора It is impossible to believe.

Scientists have identified the genes involved in the formation of scales in reptiles and feathers of birds.

Through genetic manipulation, these data have allowed researchers to grow the embryos of the alligator with a modified external cover.

It is noted that despite large differences in appearance, the reptile is the closest living relatives of birds. Their common ancestor, the archosaurs, which also saw the dinosaurs, writes Ramblings.

In recent years we have discovered many fossils are partially or completely feathered dinosaurs. To explain how there was such protoporia, the experts put forward a number of hypotheses, including those based on thermoregulation and gender selection, but the exact molecular mechanisms of their appearance, scientists were unknown.

In accordance with the results of a study to transition from scales to feathers at different levels result in different effects. This suggests that the necessary molecular signal scales have the potential to turn into feathers.

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