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American presenter was embarrassing during a live broadcast. Video

Американский ведущий оконфузился во время прямого эфира. ВидеоLeading electronic cigarette suddenly burned.

American TV host Sean Hannity accidentally lit an electronic cigarette live and saw that all the spectators.

Epic situation happened when Sean announced the next plot, but the plot does not turn on and the TV host stayed on the air. He, suspecting nothing, decided to relax, smoke vaping and drinking some water.

He immediately made a professional face, supposedly waiting to join the broadcast again.

Commentators already compare the leading with the sailor Papem through the peculiar manner of Smoking: “Never seen someone smoke like Popeye”.

Other commentators noted that Sean was lucky, because other accident on television are even more serious: “Judging by how the others fail on TV … He was lucky. He should be glad that you did not carry something like: “I’ve had it with all”.

And someone was pleased that their news anchor, too, can behave like a living person: “actually, even a little is fine – a few seconds Hannity behaves like a normal person with human habits. It’s relaxing.”

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