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“Alexandria” beat “Arsenal”, “dawn” stronger “of the Carpathians”

«Александрия» обыграла «Арсенал», «Заря» сильнее «Карпат»Two matches continue the program of the 4th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

“Alexandria” in 250th match under the leadership of Vladimir Sharan in the second half put the squeeze on the capital’s Arsenal and returned to the first row in the standings, scoring after four matches maximum 12 points.

The ninth victory in a row, “Alexandria” brought high-scoring combination on the end of the hour – Shendrik dropped the ball on Tsurikov, and that shot in touch printed against Arsenal.

If Alexandria this season, more points lost, Arsenal Fabrizio Ravanelli is only loses.

Alexandria – Arsenal-Kyiv 1:0
Goals: Tsurikov, 58

Alexandria: Pankiv – Pashayev, Bondarenko, Shendrik, Tsurikov – Long Zaporojan – Polyarus (Protasov, 56), Gritsuk (Kovalets, 65), Sadaraka – A. Sitalo (Sexton, 81).

Arsenal-Kyiv: Sitalo, S. – Nikolic (Carp, 46), Piris, Balta, Dubinchuk – Autosky, Orikhovskiy (Doronin, 79) – Bushman (Semeniuk, 65), Curtis, Lola Alekseev.

Warning: Zaporojan, Shendrik, Sexton Dr Curtis, Orehowsky, Piris

“Dawn” due to an away victory over Karpaty climbed to fourth place. The winning goal Luhansk organized in 15 minutes before the final whistle – Khomchenovskyy filed into the penalty area from the left flank, and technical Kharatin strike opened the scoring the hosts.

Zarya six matches unbeaten in away matches against Karpaty. “White-green” the last time “Ukraine” have won the team Yuriya Vernidub in 2013.

Karpaty – Zorya 0:1
Goal: Kharatin, 76

Carpathians: Kuchinsky – Miroshnichenko, Fedetskyy, Megremis, Lebedenko Palm Gutsulyak – Myakushko (Sickan, 84), Di Franco (Mendes 78), Carrascal (Vargas, 59) – The Swede.

Dawn: Makharadze – Tymchuk, Vernidub, One, Mickle – Silas (Priyma, 49), Kharatin – Karavaev, Lednev (Kochergin, 63), Khomchenovskyy – Rafael (Lunev, 85).

Warning: Mendez, Lebedenko – One, Mickle, Khomchenovskyy

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