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Agriculture 4.0. What is it? Self herding, milking and treats

Сельское хозяйство 4.0. Что это? Само пасет, доит и лечит

The concept of a “smart home, smart office, smart city, smart farm” is now not only the concept of a science fiction movie. They are on our eyes to you rapidly included in the daily reality. The days when farming ruled by the whip of the shepherd and words with frequent use of expressions with reference to the mother thing of the past. New technologies burst into life with such speed that an entire generation of people have failed to learn and adapt to use in their working practice. Soon the place of the shepherd is a computer operator with a degree in veterinary medicine, and the place of the milkmaids of aunt Nura milking robot, Bob. Belarusian and Russian scientists to improve the technology of dairy cattle, which will be introduced in the not distant future, – IA “КазахЗерно.kz”.

We will focus on smart farms. Scientists of Belarus and Russia are working on a new generation of dairy complexes. At the heart of their digital technology, that due to point cost optimisation will reduce the cost of milk production by 25 percent. A new word in animal husbandry will be discussed in the framework of the Union state program “Development of digital technologies and automated machines and equipment for dairy farming”, which did not overlap with other in-country programs. The project concept is approved by NPC for agriculture mechanization of the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Federal agricultural research center all-Russian Institute of mechanization.

Head of the laboratory of mechanization of production processes of milk and beef NPC mechanization of national Academy of Sciences Evgeny Ilich this new stage of development of animal husbandry calls other than agriculture 4.0.

The transition to a digital economy is a driving force in the production of milk. The share of modern technologies in dairy cattle breeding still does not exceed 15 percent. The program of the Union state will contribute to the rapid digitalization APK. The farm will be built with the capacity of 9,000 kilograms of milk per year from cows, daily gains during the fattening period is not less than 1100 grams. Now the concept of the project at the stage of further harmonization.

According to Eugene Silica, the dairy industry remains a challenge in Russia. The consumption of milk considering import just 236 pounds per year for a person in a science-based medical standards for the 340. Not managed to overcome the downward trend in the stock. It in agricultural organizations for the year decreased by 1.2 percent in LPH – 1.7. According to the agriculture Ministry, the deficit of raw milk to 7 million tons. Task – to increase the number and the actual production of milk.

But how to do it if the animal is expensive. For 2017, the cost of cattle to farms from 1200 heads much higher – 28 thousand rubles. In the end, almost all built in an open field spaces were on the brink of bankruptcy. Need the most inexpensive technology with high performance. Not to step on the old rake, to help the Russians will come to our smart farm.

In their basis the joint development of scientists of our countries. The idea should be kept in a single mechanism all the best that we have managed to create and improve, starting from the feeders and ending with the milkings. By the way, the cost of domestic equipment for milking 1.5-2 times lower than foreign.

Prior to 2003, we have farm-made milk. A course for industrial technology changed the position, and in 2004 began the production of modern milking equipment Herringbone and Parallel. Economically it is justified, he purchased a farm and used till now.

And here is a new round is created, automated milking module with paketlerinin the milking. How it works – the phased shutdown of the milking cups as the depletion of the udder. In addition, the system monitors the quality of the milk in portions and sorts it. All information in digital form goes to a Manager and zootechnical-breeders.

Will change the contents of the calves. To 30-45 days from birth the young can consume plant food that dramatically increases the gain. It is important not to miss the moment. If usually on farms calves are given feed manually, then the tech farm will be fed in the right dosage. And will help to maintain the accuracy of the smart sensors. Adjust the ration system for receiving information from the Express-analyzers. There is a more balanced feed consumption.

Similarly, in the adult population. Leading specialist of the laboratory of mechanization of processes for the production of milk and beef NPC mechanization Vladimir front:

Farms in the large group, give them the total number of feed mixtures, in other words do not allow technical capabilities. And even after matter adjusted ratio of concentrates, silage or haylage in the ration. Here and offers intelligent technology and the mixer-distributor, which have no analogues. They normalized the size of the components before mixing and serving. In very approximate terms, this provides a 10-15% savings in feed, 20 fuel, and the productivity increases up to 10 percent.

The new premises provides for the control of microclimate. Information about temperature in the street will go online, weather, indoor sensors and appliances will adjust based on the data of the rest of the herd at least 12-15 hours a day. Changing bedding too, not manually, and the mobile multi-function unit. Transportation of organic matter through the pipes. The installation of these is almost two times less energy, and opportunities in 3-5 times higher than normal.

Organics, by the way, not necessarily all to deliver in the field, composted and then scatter. Right on the farm to make compost granules – it will be economically advantageous. The intelligent system will monitor the quality and quantity fed to the processing mix, will choose the optimal mode of mixing and the velocity of flow of the oxidant will determine the degree of readiness of the product and unload it. In addition to compost, the end product – covering material.

But the important moments in veterinary medicine. Appear technology and complex digital non-contact identification of diseases of the udder and joints of animals in the milking herd. And even equipment for the treatment of mastitis. Special milking machine will heal the most common forms will submit to a milking Cup of a special ultraviolet field and warming the nipple of the patient. Treatment – 10-12 kVA.

The scars of the animals will be mounted the chips to monitor livestock will affect the most detailed information where the cows more comfortable, as they consume feed up to how much gum. To monitor the health of cattle remotely, via an Internet connection. Information will be available in the configured gadget in any time of the day.

Specifically talking about when smart technology will be widely and universally applied in agriculture, it’s still early. Of course, this will not happen for a day or even a year. But what we are now already on the way of digitalization and the creation of new equipment, – an indisputable fact. Editorial Board already have a list of several Russian and Belarusian farms, where the construction of the smart farms is not considered a remote prospect.

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