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Accident involving of the son Shufrych: new details

Авария с участием сына Шуфрича: новые подробности The victim’s condition is stabilized

The condition of the injured hit by a car driven by Nestor Shufrich Jr., the men managed to stabilize.

The victim was transported to a private clinic, where they arrived by Israeli doctors.

The people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrich urgently arrived in Kiev, where he has held a meeting with foreign doctors involved in the rescue of the victim.

“He immediately flew to Kiev. Spoke with Israeli doctors. There is hope to save Alexis. May God grant him health and strength,” – said the MP.

In his opinion, the most important thing is that “God willing, our doctors and Israeli experts will save him”.

The press service of the Shufrych said that it provides maximum assistance in the provision of medical care and treatment.

“Representatives of the people’s Deputy in constant communication with the doctors and do whatever is necessary to maximize the healing process. In addition, from Israel invited a leading neurosurgeon and a specialist in post-traumatic rehabilitation. I sincerely hope that in order to stabilize and to begin the process of recovery intervention of domestic and foreign experts will be needed in minimal amounts,” – said in the message.

We will remind, in a network published video from the scene of a traffic accident in the capital, which was the son of people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrych.

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