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ACA Vision: a smartphone in a metal housing with dual camera

One of the main trends of 2017 in the segment of smartphones is the dual camera to give extra sharpness to the images, or create bokeh, depending on the configuration of the second module. Every major manufacturer has already submitted at least one corresponding model of the phone and the company BQ is not exception. Its new smartphone with dual camera has received name Vision, and he is already sold on the Russian market.

Smartphone BQ Vision by the standards of Russia is classified as “above average”, which is reflected in its hardware specs and appearance design have tried to fit the standards of the devices of class hi-end, and this, by the way, has been quite successful. Candy came to us to test in the Golden color of its metal housing, but also available in black, gray and dark blue color options.



Smartphone BQ Vision is packaged in the best traditions of the brand BQ – he got a cardboard box, complete and very informative. It allows you to immediately appreciate the appearance of the device in several colors, in our case the black on the top lid and gold on the bottom. There are many indications of the main competitive advantages, including the dual camera and a fingerprint scanner, placed on the front panel.

Also on the box there is a list of the hardware characteristics of the smartphone, though very detailed and very clear, and additionally lists the supplied accessories.



In Russia the smartphone BQ Vision, regardless of the color of the body, is exactly 10,000 rubles, according to information from Yandex.Market. It will agree, by today’s standards a lot, but in the box we see all the same that have smartphones for 5-7 thousand rubles, all very ascetic.

The smartphone comes in a set with data cable, manual, warranty card, a paper clip to eject SIM-card (back cover in this model is fixed) and a protective film pasted at plant, though very high quality. Note the presence of the charger: while Apple puts in the box to your new and terribly expensive iPhone 8 Plus with dual camera charging at 1 amp, BQ Vision is just a 2-ampere AC charging adapter. But headphones some reason not put.



A detailed list of the specifications of the smartphone BQ Vision is stated on the box, and its slightly more condensed version is in the complete instruction. Additional information is on the official manufacturer’s website, where you will also be able to consider the appearance of the device in four color options, plus some options are only on Yandex.The market, although none of the sources does not provide data about the offline. This parameter is tested below.

– display: IPS 5.2 inches, 1280×720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6737T, four cores, a 1.44 GHz;

– memory: 3 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, microSD up to 128 GB;

– camera: primary 16+8 MP front 8 MP;

– video: built-in CPU, Mali-T720;

– operating system: Google Android 7.0 Nougat;

interfaces: microUSB 2.0, microSD, 3.5 mm, 2хЅІМ;

– wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0, WI-FI 802.11 n, FM, GPS;

– work in networks: GSM, 3G, LTE;

features: 2.5 D glass screen, support VoLTE;

– battery: non-removable, 2500 mAh, Li-polymer;

– dimensions: 151х73х7 mm;

– weight: 140 grams.


As you can see, the smartphone is “charged” very well, and he even has a LTE module with support for Russian frequency Band 20 so 4G will work on it virtually all over the country. The only internal memory for the device for 10,000 rubles delivered little: would 32GB to install.



Our copy of the smartphone BQ Vision painted in gold color, but the front panel it is white and it is purely feminine, in our opinion, option, because blue, black and gray colors are available exclusively with black frame of the screen. The design of the handset is minimalistic, and its authors were inspired by Apple iPhone 7 Plus – very much like many elements, including the location and type dual cameras on the rear panel.

In our shade smartphone looks very nice, though the color is quite deep, but without the “Gypsy music”, which is peculiar to the Golden smartphones from Chinese manufacturers third tier. Frame screen is quite large, especially the upper and lower, and as a result smartphone a little too big, especially considering the screen is 5.2 inches diagonally. At the same time, the body is slightly elongated, and it is quite comfortable to hold with one hand even if that hand is small and feminine.

The back bar BQ Vision is made of metal and has two plastic inserts for the withdrawal of antennas top and bottom, and it got only dual camera with flash light round shape. Dactiloscopy the smartphone is placed on the front panel placed under the touch screen – it is built into the Home button, which here performs a number of functions. Above the display is a traditional set of earpiece, front camera and sensors of light and proximity. The right side is given under the volume buttons and the inclusion of the left set hybrid slot for SIM-card, on the bottom we see the microUSB port and two holes for speakers, one of which hid a microphone. Connector 3.5 mm for headphones too, and he is on top.



Smartphone BQ Vision confident enough in the hand and does not slip, and it has recently become a rarity – even a top 5 OnePlus is absolutely impossible to hold it and tries to fall out and break. Sensations from the metal case and rounded bezel are very nice, and the phone even looks more expensive than their 10,000 rubles. Assembling the device at the level of crunches, backlash, scratches are not observed, plastic parts customized metal is very tight, nothing loose, no rattles and does not exfoliate. Fingerprints covered only the front panel metal back due to its light roughness almost dirty.

Home button under the screen has slightly larger dimensions for added convenience, pressing and touch. She’s here mechanical touch and at the same time, and she alone is able to replace the three normal Android buttons, although they are also available, however, only virtual.

The main speaker is not closed by hand, or when the smartphone is on the table, but in this case it relies on the main camera, which sticks out slightly from the case – bezel is plastic and can break, so the case buy will still have the benefit of AliExpress is the choice is very wide.



Display BQ Vision, which is typical for many smartphones brand BQ, are very good. It is a quality IPS panel, and if the evaluated color is always subjective, and it is here, in our opinion, gets 4 points from 5, the viewing angles – they are always objective. In this case, the critical angles are slightly noticeable inversion of the black, but nothing terrible, the operation will not interfere. The screen itself is very big 5.2 inches it’s not pathetic for 4.7 iPhone 8. Grit no, content in the HD resolution fits surprisingly a lot, and the white color here is white, without a care in warm tones.

Touch screen responds quickly and simultaneously processed five touches is a very useful feature in a videogame.



The volume level of the main dynamics of the smartphone BQ Vision only just a little bit not quite live up to top smartphones of 2017 – he is very loud and so you can hear it inside and outside. Clarity in this case is a bit weak at the extreme volume and a bit lacking lower frequencies, but at medium volume settings of pokropivny do not exist anymore.

Voice speaker on the front panel is also very good: the room the speaker is heard well at 50-60% volume, but on the street or in the car need to wring the maximum. Headphones are not included, so we have nothing to test.

The microphone BQ Vision is located in a small cavity, but it is a protection from the wind, albeit basic. Wind noise not really captured, but the other extraneous sounds, alas, the interlocutor it is audible very well. But the sound is rich due to a good sensitivity.



Cameras Vision built-in BQ just three: one for selfies on the front panel and dual rear panel for basic shots. Front camera works on all smartphones in the same price categories: saturated colors in moderation, the day of noise is not observed, but at dusk and under artificial lighting, the detail drops significantly and artefacts appear. In General, front camera left a good impression – it would still flash for a kit, and would make a great selfie backdrop.

With the main camera is much more interesting: two modules for 8 and 16 megapixels, a fairly bright flash, autofocus and advanced shooting options, all available here in full force. Flash is suitable both for images and for use as a flashlight shines very bright, not to find fault. The auto focus works almost instantly in sunlight, but starts to think for a few seconds when the sun is changed with artificial light.

Total picture quality on the main camera BQ Vision above and beyond that day, that night – takes excellent, detail is pleasing, the color reproduction is natural. The main module is 16 MP handles himself, and the additional matrix of 8 MP allows you to achieve depth of field effect (when the background is blurred as high-end smartphones). Out of 10 times this worked correctly 8 times in the daylight and 7 times in the artificial light. Total camera – this, along with the display, very strong point of the smartphone, so if you are looking for a camera to 15,000 rubles, we have to take BQ Vision, definitely.


Software and memory

But if the cameras in BQ Vision frankly pleased, BY smartphone were forced to return from heaven to earth: BQ again built into the firmware a lot of unnecessary programs and games that are still not removed without rooting. On the other hand, you can disable them, but it will give only a temporary effect. Just installed 9 of third-party apps and remove them only 2. However, root and put on this unit without much difficulty – the instructions on the Internet already.

If you ignore the problems with trash, the whole firmware BQ Vision behaves more than adequately: the lag if there is, then a simple layman, they simply will not be visible. Speed Android 7 on this machine does not cause absolutely.

By the way, the smartphone is very often arrive firmware updates – during the test, he twice offered to install two different updates, so the OS on it will always be relevant. Also found the option to swap touch button control and reduce the level of not only text, but also the total image – so the screen will fit even more information.

RAM smartphone missing head: from 3 GB after the first boot was occupied less than 1 GB and if you remove all unnecessary software, there is only 600 MB and everything else is given under “running applications”. Even the heavy programs from memory is not unloaded. Under user data of the 16 GB available and 9.7 GB, plus the smartphone does support microSD card to 128 GB, but the installation of the drive would require to give up a second SIM card – one SIM slots here hybrid.



Smartphone BQ Vision itself works very fast machines with 1 and 2 GB of RAM or go with him to any comparison, plus this is largely due to overclocked CPU (letter T in the name of the CPU – an abbreviation of Turbo).

The testing result of the device in AnTuTu almost reached 39000 points and in Quadrant Standard, he earned almost 20400 points. The processor in the smartphone, and the truth is very decent for a relatively inexpensive model: 682 points in single-core and 1908 points in multi-core modes when tested in GeekBench.

At the same time, BQ Vision is not classified as gaming gadgets: 3DMark Extreme Sling Shot he received 178 total points, so his destiny is a simple toy without fancy 3D graphics


Work offline

Battery non-removable BQ in Vision with capacity 2500 mAh, therefore, autonomy is clearly not his strong suit. In our test, the smartphone has stood a little more than half a day: from 8 am in the initial 100% charge it retained 10% to 11 p.m., although very much he does not load: average daily use, including wireless Internet, toys and streaming video. On the other hand, in daylight it is enough, and it can be charged at night.

In the process of charging from complete memory on 2000 mA significantly heated, but quick charging – only 2 hours to 100%. Change the memory to 1500 mA heating problem solves, but the charge time increases by about half an hour. Sleeping smartphone good: at night, he consumes 1-2% of battery.



Smartphone BQ Vision is entirely consistent with how it positions itself on the market itself BQ: this is a stylish camera designed to produce high-quality images, including the background blurred, in almost any lighting condition. The screen, camera and multifunctional Home button with integrated fingerprint scanner is a three main competitive advantages of this model, because almost all of it can be found together in another device for the same money.

Support of cellular networks 4G, overall high performance and excellent build quality rounds off the positive impression left smartphone BQ Vision after the test. He would be even more battery – and would make a perfect smartphone for 10000 rubles.


Pros BQ Vision

– high-quality screen;

great camera;

– support 4G and VoLTE;

– good sound;

charger 2000 mA;

– high performance firmware.


Cons BQ Vision

– small battery capacity;
– garbage pre-installed software.

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