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About these beneficial properties of fat you were not even aware

Об этих полезных свойствах сала вы даже не догадывались Small quantities of fat will benefit.

Science often turns conventional ideas of “harmful” and “useful” products. As another example, here is lard, which many of us adore.

Its composition was carefully studied by the experts of the University of Munich. It turned out that lard contains arachidonic acid, which is part of the essential vitamin F. Arachidonic acid is part of cell membranes, stimulates the heart muscle. Acids contained in fat, have a choleretic effect and contribute to the formation in the liver of “good” cholesterol and the breakdown of “bad”. In fat also contains monounsaturated oleic acid that protects the liver and kidneys from oxidation products, in addition, it prevents the development of atherosclerosis. A set of useful properties of fat allowed German scientists to refer this product to a beneficial animal fats. They even advised me to include a piece of fat daily in the diet of heart patients.

Toxicologists from Higher medical school of Toronto has also studied the microbiological composition of fat and found that it promotes the excretion of toxic substances, in particular radionuclides.

The usefulness of this product, however, does not mean that it should be dimmed pounds. In fat a lot of salt and calories. One hundred grams of fat from 680 to 780 calories (depends on the breed of pig). Therefore, scientists suggest to do in one sitting 30-gram piece.

Of course, the questions arise: how and what the best bacon is? Nutritionists advise to give preference to salted fat, smoked as not to get involved. When Smoking all products that are not only fat, the formation of harmful compounds — phenols. They are carcinogens. Frying fat is not recommended — in the process of cooking it is oxidized and converted into triglycerides, which are harmful to the liver. It may seem odd at the first glance, fat is no matter is combined with potatoes (starch slows down the digestion of fats). It is not recommended to eat it with white bread (carbohydrates will add calories).

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According to experts, it is best to eat Salo with rye bread flour and also with vegetables and sauerkraut.

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