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A woman sitting in the courtyard play area for cubs

Женщина устроила во дворе игровую площадку для лисятShe decided to surprise intruders.

Once Dora Nightingale watched the recording from the surveillance camera and saw that night to her guests two charming Fox.

Cubs especially liked the trampoline, standing in the garden, and rogues so much fun frolicking that 55-year-old resident of West Sussex (England) decided to return something to my guests that they came to her often. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Dora knows a lot about foxes and their habits. Now the cubs, who, without knowing it, has received from women nicknames woody and willow, you can come to the garden of Dora the Explorer and not only play on the trampoline, but also in the pool with balls and other toys, which the good landlady leaves for them.

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