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A nurse from the “red zone” said, because his superiors had infected the family. Her mother died

Медсестра из «красной зоны» заявила, что из-за начальства заразила семью. Ее мать умерла

“The state cannot provide any assistance alive”

A nurse from the “red zone” said, because his superiors had infected the family. Her mother died

Nurse Saransk Republican clinical hospital № 4 Elena Petrova has written an open letter stating that because of work in the “red zone” at her health deteriorated, she gave her relatives. The woman accused the authorities of neglect that with obvious signs COVID-19 with threats made to work and not placed in quarantine.

According to Petrova, it was unable to achieve timely examination of family members and adequate medical care even when they have diagnosed double pneumonia. As a result, the nurse’s mother died, father is in serious condition. Now understand the situation of the Republican Ministry of health and employees insurance.

The history of nurses published in the public “Saransk | wall of Shame,” the social network “Vkontakte”. Petrov said that on April 22 after a shift I came home with a temperature, cough and “changes in the x-ray.” Despite this, the management called her to work in the “red zone”, warning that in case of absence of its data will go to the police and then she will “go down as one of the nurse who escaped from quarantine”. Besides, you will have to pay a fine of 300 thousand rubles.

By the end of April the nurse’s temperature rose to 38.6. In early may, it became hard to breathe, in the end, Petrova and her family, which she was trying to isolate, was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. Woman several times went to the clinic, where they had to sit in queue for hours, and each time the woman with the relatives were sent home to the isolation, offering to call a therapist. “Even a hospital to prescribe would not, — said Petrov. Although our patients with whom we worked, confirmed COVID-19”.

The parents of the nurses started to progress pneumonia. May 16, her mom was taken away in an ambulance with 63% lung involvement, five days later, she died. May 17, was hospitalized the father of Elena Petrova, he had 36% lung lesions. Woman for a long time worried about my 6 year old son, who refused to take the tests. “I replied that you have no evidence, you are not in any registry, because the authorities did not consider it necessary to submit our evidence that we were working in the “red zone” and was in contact with coronavirus patients. Only after repeated calls to the Ministry of health my child was x-rayed and took swabs,” says Petrov.

According to her, in Saransk “a lot of cases of medical workers”, whose viral pneumonia with suspected COVID-19, they are also sent home. “And only our nurses with neighboring offices posthumously confirmed COVID-19, our tests come back negative. Mom, I’m sure it will be blamed on diabetes. And we were quietly called to the reception in the hospital at the place of residence. Is it a quarantine?

And in the end: I’m sick, dad’s in the hospital, my mother was lost, no payments, no help, nothing. Why to Express my condolences for our loss, if our state cannot provide any assistance alive?

Why lift the quarantine, because the number of cases is growing at an incredible rate and hospitals are?” the letter said nurses.

Upon the incident the Ministry of health of Mordovia began an internal investigation. According to the newspaper “Capital”, for this created a special Commission. The head of the Republican Ministry of health Oleg Markin said that “the situation is really very serious”. “Elena has lost a loved one, got sick of her entire family. She faithfully performed their duty, and our duty to help her. I already talked to her, apologized to her colleagues, whose role in this story will be carefully reviewed. Everyone referred to the fact now checked”, — quotes the Minister Agency “INFO-RM”.

Resonant post Petrova also interested investigators. SU TFR in the Republic of Mordovia reported that under preliminary examination, the question on excitation of criminal case.


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