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A novel about Jack Finney’s the body Snatchers filmed… the fifth time!

Stephen king once, I remember, wrote about this book as about the novel, brilliantly reflecting the fears of Americans since the cold war, before the Communist threat. Indeed, quite in line with the overseas propaganda of the time, in the form of aliens, “substitute” people their accurate, but emotionally empty copies, it was possible to guess of Soviet spies and traitors, to which the United States is actively engaged in the period of McCarthyism.

However, the Soviet Union is long gone, the company mccarthyistic repression in the United States have passed early, and the filmmakers continue over and over again to refer to the novel the body Snatchers. Warner Bros. Pictures decided that the book will not prevent another adaptation is the fifth in a row.

The Studio and producer John Davis have hired David Leslie Johnson to write the script. Last name Johnson recently appearing in the news regularly in the past, he wrote the scripts for the films “Child of darkness” and “the Conjuring 2”, he will write the script for “the Curse 3” and for the new remake of “a Nightmare on elm street”.

The original novel was written in 1954. Briefly recall a previous film adaptation…

A brief history of previous adaptations of Finney’s novel:

In 1956 don Siegel directed his first adaptation of this book.

In 1978, Philip Kaufman took his version with the participation of Donald Sutherland. This movie to this day is considered the best adaptation of the novel.

In 1993, the topic raised from obscurity Abel Ferrara, which helped as writers Stuart Gordon and Dennis Paoli. On the sidelines in the film you can see forest Whitaker and R. Lee ermey, and the picture even claimed the top award at the Cannes film festival.

Finally, in the 2007 film “the Invasion” tried to take Oliver Hirshbigel, but the German has not worked and finished it already James McTeague.

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