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A new trailer for “It” invites us into the sewers of Derry

Today last night the MTV Movie & TV Awards, among the visitors which was almost the entire cast of the new film adaptation of “It” by Stephen king, pleased millions of fans awaiting the September premiere. How? The most elegant demonstration of the fresh trailer for intriguing, no less!

The emphasis in the new video is made, primarily, on the relationship of the main characters of the film – children who call themselves the “Club of Losers”. We were shown a friendly hassle Eddie and Richie, the sympathy between bill and Beverly, “an apocalyptic battle of the rocks” Losers gang Bowers… And what to Pennywise? Here, too, there are still reticent (maybe it’s for the best – the voice of bill Skarsgard is sure to be one of the main pieces of the new incarnation of the clown killer, to spoil that would be simply unfair), but all the same frightening. You look at this final look of a predator, which he gives to Eddie sneaks up chills.

Well, the second trailer does not disappoint, and the expectations from the film have only intensified! Looking forward to new materials from the movie.

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