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A living monument of the early 90s

Живой памятник ранних 90-х

Putin and Lukashenko decided to call, but it is not quite correct.

Lukashenko is early 90s, when he began to win “a policy of real deeds”, when yesterday’s instructors of the district donned helmets, got into the combines, and went to save seed from campaign posters.

Lukashenko — no not Putin, Alexander Lukashenko is Aman Tuleyev, Yuri Luzhkov, it’s the era of “strong economic managers”, the economy of which, as a rule, is in a deplorable situation, but they know how to instruct millers, miners and farmers.

Vladimir Putin is a late 90s is when the policy won political strategists, this is the Swan song of television. This is the experiment: can anything to anybody the unknown person who still speaks very little, feeling uncomfortable and nervous in front of the camera, for 4.5 months, from mid-August to the end of December, to depict leader of the nation.

The image of Lukashenka’s regime is not the Soviet Union, this is a very specific period of the 90s is “Old songs about the main”, is when a natural reform fatigue and the transformational crisis has created a nostalgic fashion.

For both modes mythologized 90 is a universal bugbear, the image of perfect chaos. Even the terms are the “dashing nineties” introduced into circulation a pre-election transfer of NTV 2007 with Anastasia Melnikova — completely without scruple imports came to power in 94-m to year of Lukashenka.

While Putin and Lukashenko — this is two different periods of the 90s. Every one of them could be born only at a certain time. It is a living monument to those times, those morals, those public attitudes, informational infrastructure and political technologies.

Yeah, very funny, when Alexander G. talks about quintals per hectare in the country with urbanization level of 80% (in Poland, for example, 60%) and the population of capital of 20%, but you should understand that he appeals to voters 94 years. Voters 94-year really like about milk production and CWT. He really wanted a little bit of the Soviet regime, but not in stores, and on TV.

Not very clear what will happen next. It is impossible to predict the future of autarky, and autarky, it’s like a cyclical crisis: it is impossible to predict, because as soon as you confidently predicted it would happen, hardly it becomes clear that the autocrat is not in power, he falls immediately, while he is here he stands.

But if Belarusians will — it is hoped that we will drop from the hump 90, a little later than they did with other themes, but it’s actually the 20th in the yard.


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