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7285 Dell laptop charges wirelessly

Dell announced the release of a new laptop 7285, which has built-in wireless charging. This makes it a unique mobile PC, since completion of energy without wires can boast of so far, only the smartphones. But it should be noted that in the case 7285 Dell is not a laptop, and a tablet-transformer.

7285 Dell you can buy a separate tablet and to pay him 1,200 dollars in the minimum configuration, but in this case, no wireless charging will be. That all worked without wires, you must pay another $ 550 for a hardware keyboard and stand under her — in this module, and lie all the necessary elements for wireless charging. Note that even against the high cost of the computer and accessories for the charging air is realized very, very clumsy.

In particular, the laptop cannot be placed on a metal surface, otherwise it won’t work, and you will need a special stand that will raise it to a height of 5 centimeters above the table. This implies that there is too much inconvenience, and therefore the overpayment for the option of such questionable quality is completely devoid of meaning. To buy it is except in the case if you want to give Dell $550 out of pocket. However, 7285 Dell still has no plans to appear in Russia and in other countries it can be bought from $1200 for a tablet with 8GB RAM, 12 inch screen, processor Core i5-7Y54 and 128 GB ROM.

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