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10 reasons to play tabletop role-playing game “the Witcher”

A series of computer games about Geralt of Rivia, is certainly one of the best RPG sagas. Thanks to extensive work CD Project RED, she managed to capture the hearts of millions of players around the world. But what to do when all the adventures of the silver-haired hero passed ten times, books read to the holes, and before the release of the next season of the series will be held soon? Tell your own story in this wonderful world together with a new tabletop role-playing game “the Witcher”. We collected ten good reasons why to do it.

1. To return to your favorite universe
The world of the Witcher is rich and diverse. Some people prefer to battle with monsters and other important beauty-sorceress, others are crazy about the dynamic of the story – everyone will find here his own. Exciting books, a successful video game, the big screen adaptation, and now Board game world “the Witcher” has never been so close.

2. Without the system requirements and subscribe to Netflix
To play table role-playing game “the Witcher” you don’t need to buy a subscription to streaming service or upgrade your computer. To play you only need paper, pencil, a set of polyhedral dice (d6 and d10) and of course the rule book.

3. Game from CD Projekt Red
This Board game created by the famous Polish igrodelov together with the authors of the Board game named Cyberpunk 2020. Inside the book you are waiting for colorful illustrations from the video game, and experienced players in tabletop role-playing game will recognize echoes of “cyberpunk” in the rules.

4. Your own casting
If you think that Superman is too pretty for the role of the Witcher, and that the enchantress needs to be a redhead, here you choose how will look your characters.

5. To play as a bard or sorceress
Players can play for 9 different character classes: bard, craftsman, criminal, medic, mage, warrior, merchant, priest and of course the Witcher. And, you can choose the character’s race, for example elf or krasnolud. Here you can play for countless characters, and not just for the White Wolf.

6. Fierce battles and deadly wound
Which Witcher without hunting for monsters? In this game, special attention is paid to military clashes. Merciless rules of engagement will take into account not only the skill and strength of character, but the tactics, the direction of impact, and armor strength. Wounds are sure to be serious, and to be healed will not be easy.

7. Really open world and an infinite number of endings
Tabletop role playing game you are not limited by the edges of the card, the three endings of the story or choice of actions. Peeping through the keyhole, to knock or kick the door, peeking through the window, climb through it or make a tunnel – the only limit is your imagination and logic.

8. All you need in one book
In most Board games you need a rule Book, the Bestiary description of monsters and their characteristics, and even Adventure if you are not willing to come up with their own story. In the NRI “the Witcher” all of the above are collected in one book.

9. Free demo
If you are not willing to buy the rule book immediately, then you have demo: free pdf file with short rules, a ready-made characters and a small adventure, which you can download on the website Hobby World.

10. You can play contactless and secure
Those who continue to maintain self-isolation and not willing to gather in a noisy group at the table, no need to abandon the table rolevok. The rules of the game allow you to participate in the adventure, or taking advantage of a specialized online platforms like Roll20, or any voice chat.

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