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Zverev beat Federer in the semifinals of the Final tournament

Зверев обыграл Федерера в полуфинале Итогового турнираAlexander Zverev suddenly figured out with Roger Federer for the first time in his career he reached the final of the ATP tournament.

Zverev and Federer at the semifinal stage of the ATP Finals held for the eighth time – the Swiss was leading 4:3 and was considered the undisputed favorite for the finals.

The first set was decided in the 12th game when the score was 5:6 Federer failed unexpectedly protection to your supply and let Zverev without tie-break lead in the match.

In the second game, Federer took a break, but his attempt to break the beast instantly stopped the German quickly returned his serve and did not allow the veteran to get that boost of confidence, which he needed.

In the tie-break Zverev showed his best tennis and deservedly reached the final. With the score 5:4 Alexander took the point at the reception, and then on the second match-bole boldly went on the attack and at the net ended the match in their favor.

Roger Federer lays plans for the 100 m title in career for next season, and Alexander Zverev for the victory in London would argue with Novak Djokovic and Kevin Anderson.

Roger Federer (Switzerland, 2) – Alexander Zverev (Germany, 3) – 5:7, 6:7

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