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Zuckerberg is going to explore the cryptocurrency

Цукерберг собирается  исследовать криптовалютуFacebook thinks, where “to attach” cryptocurrency

Chief Executive officer and founder of the world’s largest social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg said that his company is interesting to investigate how it can use capabality.

Zuckerberg said that he was going to use 2018 for the study of cryptocurrencies, trying to correct current problems, given the hatred and misinformation that have plagued Facebook.

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“For this, there are important counter-tendencies, encryption, and cryptanalyst – which receive power from the centralized system and return it into the hands of people. But they come with risk to be tougher to control. I find it interesting to delve deeper and to explore the positive and negative aspects of these technologies and the best use of them in our services,” he said.

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Zuckerberg is not the only Facebook who Express interest in the cryptocurrency. So, Vice-President of messaging David Marcus joined the Board Coinbase Inc., one of the largest cryptoolinux companies in the end of last year.

“I’m fascinated with cryptocurrency since 2012,” said Marcus.

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