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“Zone of terror”, book editor of memory, is out now!

Happened. The book, named and in honor of our beloved site. A collection of short stories and novellas of horror “Zone of terror” from Parfenov M. S., author and compiler of books “the Most terrible book 2017”, “13 witches”, “Halloween” and many others. Great special on the horror, the editor of Zone Horror, publisher, webzine, DARKER is my favorite in General. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Edition book of 2,500 copies. It already has several reviews, including the writers Vladimir Kuznetsov and Michael Ciosy. Promised to give his weighty opinion and colleague Mikhail Pavlov, and right here on Zone Horror. I can only say with a clear conscience that I am one of your friends were not asked to praise a book hurl, so these reviews, as well as others, which I hope will follow are the responses from the heart, both positive and negative (where do without them?..).

Finishing the book, I also thought it would be funny in the beginning to quote from those reviews and feedback on these or other included in her works, which over the years has already appeared in the Network. Now, I think it’s time that compilation to introduce you to:

Mike Halprin, the writer (Mike also wrote the Foreword to the book)

Quite envious, I would like to write something like this


Just brilliant… reminiscent of the work of the king. This is a huge plus to the author

Nikolai Ivanov, writer

The details of which do not want to know. Feelings that do not want to experience. Read at your own risk


Quick and effortless creation of an atmosphere — and then it does not let go until the end of the text

Dmitry Lazarev, writer

Applaud to the author, stepped through the moral principles to make your character real


I sometimes even the spirit of translating, reading

Anatoly Umansky, writer

Cruel, smart, exciting and emotional


From the final phrase even goosebumps crawled

Dmitry Tikhonov, writer

Great story


Seriously doubt the mental health of the author… it seems to Me that such people should not be allowed to Peru

I’d like to highlight the opinion of the writer Maxim Kabir. This reaction Kabir specifically on the story “Room Pavlik”:

It is simply fucking awesome. So it should look like horror. Wah!

Actually, the main question is: Where to buy this book?

In the foreseeable future – everywhere. Now – in shops of Moscow and the Network. For example:

  • in the Maze
  • in Book24
  • in May Shop
  • in TDK Moscow
  • in the Moscow House of Books
  • in the House of Books Medvedkovo

And for those who wish to get a book autographed, we have opened pre-order HERE.

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