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“Zombilend 2” is already filmed?

Yesterday there was an unexpected info, like a sequel to the horror-Comedy “Welcome to Zombilend” was filmed in secret and is already preparing for the premiere. And now we have an official response from the creators of the original.

The source of the rumor is not the first time was the resource of the Splash Report, reported that on 7 June will take place the premiere of the film under the title, Zombieland 2: Double Tap. On the website even offered to book tickets for this session! Of course, fans are excited that many are waiting for this movie for almost a decade! But what lies behind this news? A pleasant surprise or just duck?

After a few hours on the above website there is evidence that screening of “Zombieland 2: Double shot” is cancelled. It became clear something was wrong. And finally , Rhett Reese, one of the authors of the original tape, along with Paul wernick for many years promoting the project to continue, has placed all points over i. In his Twitter he wrote the following:

Stories that the sequel to “Zombieland” is already there, this is the same fake as fake news. Sorry guys.

But don’t worry, “Welcome to Zombilend 2” is indeed in development, the original caste is ready to return, and the premiere is tentatively scheduled for October 2019.

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