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Zombie shooter at BAM: Listen winter horror FORGOTTEN with the DEVIL

Zone Horror continues to acquaint you with terrifying audio stories the stories as contemporary authors of horror and the classics. In the queue – loading dose of winter zombie horror from one of the members of the editorial Board memory of the writer Alexander Podolsky (senoid is it if someone does not know).

BAM. Young enthusiasts to build a new life and a new highway, didn’t know that at the neighboring polygon is tested the best labor force — not asking for much is. But we all know what the results of such experiments…

The story “the Forgotten devil” published in various anthologies, including the Deluxe edition of “the worst book: the Best.” Published book was in this summer, it has a good design, quality and volume. If you wish to purchase, look here to find out where this solid that you can buy.

Topic: Listen to the horror story, and everything else – IN the DUST

On our website and YouTube channel, we publish audiobooks, recorded with the knowledge and consent of the authors, in accordance with the conditions which the writers recently announced to all potential readers.

To contact the author of the story in different ways, including simply writing it Vkontakte. Read the story of Stanislav Fomin, for whom this was one of the first experiments in nachitka, so do not judge strictly. To connect with Stanislav here.

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