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Zombie + Combine = Sambin! (VIDEO)

Looking fresh trailer of “Zombies”, which, Yes, there really is a zombie. A lot of zombies! They are so numerous that just have nowhere to go — at least in banks roll or, for example, a combine pack.

Just yesterday, the picture came out in limited release in the US, but oddly enough she is still no trailer. But there is Tony Todd in one of the roles, and also George Cameron Romero, successor of his illustrious father, as a producer. Earlier we already showed how Tony Todd killing the ghouls in the first excerpt from “Zombies”, and now has provided a video without him. This time all taxis actor Stephen Luke (“the Fighting pig”), and next to him is holding Raina Hein (“Say goodbye”). The plot of the film in the past of their heroes was Roman, then they met again, got together to wet zombar, and all the Weathertop…

The world lies in ruins after the outbreak of a zombie epidemic. Luke is doing his best trying to clear the streets from the undead and help the few survivors. During the rescue mission, something goes wrong, however, the time appears a girl named Ben, an old flame of Luke’s. Returning to camp, they join forces with detective Sommers, and together they try to withstand the attack of the undead Horde.

Well, yesterday, the “Zombie” went for some American cinemas, and was released on VOD platforms.

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