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“Zigzag of luck”: the quintessence of the Scoop

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

Eldar Ryazanov in Soviet times made three comedies, the plot of which is twisted around the New Year. Two of them became one of the most popular Soviet mass audience of the films “carnival night” (1956) and “Irony of fate or With light steam!” (1975). The third Comedy (chronometrically, right – second), “Zigzag of luck” (1968), especially his beloved for the Soviet audience did not. Why? Because moviegoer looked at her in the mirror and what he saw he did not like. Moviegoer wanted that he regularly lied about the fact that he is launching a space rocket, saving the world from something what this world need saving and builds some fantastic-a great future. But Eldar Ryazanov showed the true face of Soviet man, carrying the main Communist of the Soviet Maxim of achieving happiness is to take and share. Wittingly or unwittingly, Ryazanov outlined the core rod, around which were built the Soviet people. But the Soviet people that the average viewer is that sophisticated film critic – this disclosure are not happy. The film was not a complete failure, but in the biography by piece is almost an error of the master – considered, of course, the Soviet people. What caused the Soviet people hidden dislike for this film, which was supposed to be a funny Christmas Comedy?

The film’s protagonist – photographer Vladimir Antonovich hazels, the usual quiet of the Soviet resident typical provincial Russian town. The film was shot in Moscow, but in the story it takes place in a province – Oreshnikov has a dream to move to Moscow. But to move not just so, and becoming a famous photographer. And for that he needs a new SLR camera.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

But a small salary of a photographer is not an opportunity to buy new cameras. 400 rubles – it’s no joke!” Therefore, hazels just stops from time to time at the window of the shop, licking his lips to be attractive, but this is not available a new camera.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

So, the first circle of the Soviet Paradise – lack of money for good thing about the common man, who has no other sources of income, in addition to his work in a photo Studio. Any legal opportunities to earn on the camera at oreshnikova no. What is it? Only dream of. Is he even a man is not only dreamy but resourceful.

At the end of the year at enterprises in the USSR have always summarized the work and, in particular, discussed the prospects fulfillment and overfulfillment of the annual plan. In this sense, over a shop, “Contemporary”, which works hazels, the clouds gathered. “It was the end of December, when it should report, and to report what was not”. That is, the plan backfired. “The good name of our photography is at risk” – sadly says the Director, photographer and further calls to close ranks and figure out how to get out of the budget impasse. But the team is solidly silent.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

Here is the second round of the Scoop plan. One thing to plan to release, say, harvesters or tanks. Planned out so many pieces, released. At least it is clear how to implement such a plan. But how can you implement a plan for revenue at a shop? People want to be photographed they photographed. No need go all. Especially for the New year. For example, if this were a normal country, the team shop would have room to maneuver. He (the team) could advertise on billboards for example. And could, in principle, the relationship of the mountain and Mohammed to go to make a foray into those places where exactly looking for photographers in kindergartens or in any similar locations, where the new year requires a person with a camera gun. People love to be photographed. In 1968, cameras on hand were still little, so the photographer was a popular member of society. But not when the photographer sat in his workshop, waiting for the sea weather. It would seem – what’s the problem? Grab your camera and run around the neighborhood, catch walking in the parks and near the shops – that you will be your plan. But this is the Scoop. And it’s not a private shop, a public shop with a great name “Contemporary”! And therefore his employees have no right to show this kind of initiative. All they can do is sit at work and wait for customers. Classic shovels absurd.

The output tells hazels – this is absurd, like the whole Scoop, but in the context of Soviet reality the solution working. Hazels invites all employees to take a picture, but still lead to a shop of their relatives. Nonsense? Of course – nonsense. But the report will be completed, and even exceeded the plan. And this is in reality the Scoop is more important than other things. And although, as melancholy notes Retoucher Peter, “the prize that we get is unlikely to cover our costs,” Chairman of the local Committee is starting to come apart shovels ringing phrase: “we are all on a voluntary basis”, “our team got the opportunity to show awareness”, “everyone, as always, must act according to the dictates of the heart and a civic duty” and other such Soviet snowstorm, which included at full volume whenever the Soviet people were offered to participate at its own expense in any public idiocy. The whole Scoop here in mind – to fulfill the plan at any cost, all in the name of the plan! And the one who does not understand, “the collective stigmatized”. In the end, the idea oreshnikova went to mass, and the plan was implemented.

Further there is another event, very characteristic of the Sovdep. The third circle. The staff shop in which works hazels, should choose responsible for collecting membership contributions to the Fund.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

Today in other virtual teams has become fashionable to put pink drooling about the unprecedented civic responsibility and activity of the Soviet people, builders of communism. The reality was much more prosaic. The Soviet people fled like fire from any “social work”. So florid was then called the duty free to fulfill any public office. Well did not want the Soviet people “to elect and to be elected.” Moreover, “to be elected” he didn’t want especially. However, feel free to carry additional load? In this work, it could be a piece of cake, just like in the movie – to collect contributions. But still – do not want. Since hazels earlier helped the team to solve the problem of plan execution, it is, according to the Soviet principle: “any initiative is punishable”, unanimously elected to this post. Colleagues like a stone fell from the soul. No one wants to do it. And hazels does not want and tries to give. But where there. And Oreshnikova transmit key matkovskaja safe. Well, nothing to do. And the new owner immediately begins to demand from colleagues membership fees.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

Of course, all the colleagues disagree, almost run. No one wants to donate membership dues. One of the features of the Scoop. The Soviet people in the voluntary-compulsory order was in a lot of societies and associations (DOSAAF, the society “Knowledge”, etc., fiction) and each was required to pass the assessments. And then there’s the contributions to the Fund, and even the New year, no really, go to the forest. Real Soviet man, unlike his poster of the prototype, with their hard-earned cents for public purposes parted very reluctantly. Actually, that’s why nobody wanted to be elected to this position. Even the Chairman of the local Committee Alevtina Vasilievna – an ugly woman who dreams about her husband refuses to contribute, though, and apologizes, saying that she had no money. Hazels asks her to take him on loan. That is actually making money for themselves and for the Chairman of the local Committee. In General, in the end, somehow (maybe even all giving a loan) hazels collects contributions from almost all.

And then he comes to mind a great idea. Because the Fund is intended to help with money for needy colleagues, hazels decides to take out cash money 20 (twenty) rubles and buy bonds a 3 percent loan, get a win and buy a camera. With this money he goes to the savings Bank, which employs his bride, and that he selects at random one ticket, jokingly promising that he will win 10 thousand rubles.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

Along the way, we find that these bonds cost is not even cheap. 20 rubles in 1968 is a very large sum. And associated output: photographer hazels on their miserable wages could not buy that camera for 400 rubles, but even bonds for 20 rubles he cannot afford it and buys it only took the money in cash. What happens next is the tale in the style of Hollywood. The next day there is a draw and the ticket falls oreshnikova the main prize – 10 thousand rubles.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

And here immediately starts the next round Scoop. The Soviet people are fully disclosed. Starts, of course,.. First urine hits him in the head and he decides with his master’s shoulder to buy his bride a coat of real fur.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

Knowing that the coat was worth 2900 (two thousand nine hundred) rubles, he begins to slow down, choosing clothes, getting worse and worse, and eventually says that he loves the bride and without fur. Which, of course, causes resentment, tears and separation. Goodbye hazels throws his bride: “you’re Not that beautiful”, for which, of course, want to punch him in the ear. Then he goes to play tricks to your co-worker Lydia Sergeyevna, who, after learning about the prize, immediately burned to Oreshnikova love. Along the way, unknowingly, hazels catch companion, who turns out to be the husband of a colleague, which she was expelled shortly before. However, that is all, so to speak, “human, all too human”, which is not necessarily an attribute of the Scoop, and is typical of all the poor strata of society. After receiving the money, the poor always behave similarly. Just a Scoop not allowed to show their “talent”, making the screen say the right words, which they themselves did not believe. However, the Scoop starts later.

And now, the circle of fifths. Lydia S. resents oreshnikova – and we will not forget that she is stuck to him only after a win – and decides to take revenge. She goes to the Chairman of the local Committee and in pure Soviet style reports that hazels bought the bond with money taken from the General Fund, that is money and time well and the winning bond is also common. Bingo! Ugly the Chairman of the local Committee Alevtina Vasilievna, too, suffers from lack of money and sure men to burn her just because she can not afford to buy beautiful clothes. And then there on the horizon looms a potential suitor – Director of the carpool Ivan Stepanovich Kalachev, a kind old bald Amanita. So Alevtina perfectly understand how much promises to her personally chic ideas, Lidia Sergeevna.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

The next day Alevtina appoints a meeting to discuss the “moral character oreshnikova”. Scoop in all its glory. As it turns out – almost all the shop workers want to participate in the division of property oreshnikova. Here it is a classic – take and share! Not everyone have enough money. Something very nasty, like a drunk Retoucher Petit, who just wants a Grand celebration. Other goals are more impressive. Young couple kissing in the evenings in the darkroom, as there is no corner, where to perch oneself. They could really use a share of the winnings to make a contribution to the cooperative. Alevtina, as I said, wants to dress up for the groom. In General, the greed of the poor Soviet people knows no bounds. But they crumple, not knowing how to go to take decisive action. Helps all the bride Alevtina – which, incidentally, is inflamed by her passion, too, only learned about the bond. The groom selects bonds from Oreshnikov. Soviet “justice” is done.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

Along the way, good Soviet people, pridralis to formality – the author, Lydia S., has not passed the payment in cash – exclude from the number of shareholders to account for her thus to increase their share. This appalling scene at all difficult to come up with. Here it is – a Scoop full breadth and depth. That’s what “warm time” longs now shovels animals.

In General, colleagues receive money oreshnikova. And gives them ex-fiancée oreshnikova. And this despite the fact that she knows whose this bond. But she remains silent. Again this quality of the Soviet man, as the alleged honesty, evaporates away, when in force in the women’s grievances.

«Зигзаг удачи»: квинтэссенция Совка

In this way, the team shop commits iniquity. Because the bond belongs Oreshnikova. The fact that they took away his win is actually a robbery, that is a criminal act. But hazels, brainwashed Soviet slogans, even does not resist. It is, however, the curtain together with Lydia Sergeyevna commits a kidnapping of a prize, but not in order to regain their rightful, and only to take a “share”. That is, he recognizes the justice of the demands fucking scoops his colleagues about sharing the winnings equally among all.

And, by the way, the Director Eldar Ryazanov completes the movie in such a way that anybody does not remain doubts – the collective rights that took oreshnikova winnings and divided equally. Here she is – inside-out morals, morality moral monsters who can build our happiness with their talents and energy, and taking more vigorous that he deserved. Here it is – a Scoop. It was the most disgusting in the organization of the notorious Soviet society. And that’s what I want to return other citizens, blowing pink bubbles today about the USSR 2.0, and other tales for the feeble-minded. Take and share. This is the true motto of the USSR. Here what are the details of “warm time” today miss Lydia Sergeyevna and Alevtina Vasilievna, as well as – and especially – their children. Themselves never knew how but eternal squabbles, intrigue and pronouncing high-sounding phrases on the endless meaningless meetings, but they at that time were quiet for compliance with the proverbial “social justice” in their understanding. And their understanding of social justice, I repeat, subtract and divide. They live on poverty wages and dream of a beautiful coat. But it was but everyone should rise above their level. And the Scoop they provide, declaring “no One should do what nobody does” and adding: “Everyone does what everyone does”. The ideal social structure for Alevtina Vasilievna, who never will be able to do something nobody does and, accordingly, will never rise above his meager – but guaranteed the meager – existence.

When the Soviet people showed their own in the film “Zigzag of luck”, the Soviet people did not like. Did not want the Soviet people to look in the mirror. Especially for the New year. They wanted to look at the painting, which invented the Soviet people in space ships travel Great Theater. Or, at least, to watch kinoskazki about how the surgeon in a drunken state flies in another city and there finds happiness. Although to some, this film is not liked due to the fact that even in the movie people could not escape from the Scoop.

And in the film “Zigzag of luck” sympathy does not cause any one. Because it shows a classic Soviet people, what they were actually not on the posters or paintings. Just usually they were covered with a thin layer of silver steel of the correct words. But just scratch them – and once under the mask of a normal person was shown a mug of the Scoop. Therefore, the Soviet Union is not a pity, that created a healing environment for the multiplication of these types.

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