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Zhlobskie States Of America

Жлобские Штаты Америки

We often slyly recall the classic expression “the Economy should be economical” (which, incidentally, will be included in the next issue 146%-cotton show on YouTube, so who has not seen the new edition is welcome, it will not be boring), but these same people immediately admire the hypocrisy of the U.S. calling it “efficiency”. Mocking the saying “Russia – a generous soul” the Patriotic Democrats idolize greed last sverkhderzhava, which is generous only on lies, bombs and promises.

Жлобские Штаты Америки

But here he is a Prime example. Ask yourself how it would be possible to build roads in Russia, if all of the American edition to unload at least a percentage of the mention of Putin? Even with the deduction for the use of the phrase “Obama is chmo”?

In total, the US once again proved its effectiveness on our beloved Leonid Kudrin. Because penny – dollar saving!

The U.S. justice Department is suing Edward Snowden for his new book, reports The Independent. American authorities insist that her memoirs of an ex-employee NSA and the CIA violated a non-disclosure agreement, and now the government has claimed all income from the publication. For the Snowden lawsuit is the way to again advertise the book, because the government, as reminded “the informer”, I don’t want to read it.

Infinite American in particular and the West in General, greed – or rather hypocrisy – knows no bounds! The Soviet Union was building the roads of Estonia, but it also accuses us occupation. Latvia is a state, consider bankruptcy – there are many-many officials, wild taxes and all that right – but from the production, which got this fellow inherited from the “damned Scoop” – there are only ruins left and the entries in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

However, the main thing – the manuals! Therefore, EU pribaltiskaya Emirati is a good thing – as we are taught Evgeny Chichvarkin from London, and we’re perish from sloppiness and excessive generosity by forgiving everyone and everything (and the details let Putin know, he is from the Kremlin is not visible).

But that’s the way it is. States according to their paradigm, trying to get Snowden through the dollar, and, characteristically, escaped the American has already joked that he says the publishers need to make urgent wishlist for the cover of the book – because it is the best proof that he is not lying.

By the way, that he is not a liar – confirms another fact. First, Snowden has acknowledged that Russia – the only country that was not afraid and did not give it to the States, and even Vice versa. Here, however, our liberal comrades were quick to raise the cry that Snowden is tired of living “in this country” and he would like to go to Germany, comrade do something like that was said, but as usual, there are nuances. Wanting something he would like – Yes, but who does he give of the matter, not the FSB.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Yves Le Drian said that “now is not the time” to grant asylum to ex-CIA and national security Agency USA Edward Snowden.


As reported Associated Press, he said the TV channel CNews.


According to the Minister, in 2013, when Snowden first applied for asylum in France, the French government “felt that now is not the time”.


“I do not see that something has changed,” said Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Of course – not changed! France is a country with limited sovereignty, Germany – almost all without (in normal countries are American weapons and American bases on the territory are not stored, thanks, that at least part of the gold reserve to pull turned).

But, take advantage of situacin, so to speak. Snowden is in Russia, although breaks in Europe, which LEAKED the SAME AS IT ASSANGE! Here, of course, is the envy of the former bacon from the NSA – because he wants to see in US a life, but I’m more interested in that the Russian, French and maybe even German – Liberta.

In France recently, we wrote about this, the great people of Paris were starving as much as an hour or two for Sentsov. For Assange, none of them even croissant devoured, but now, the same worry about our “nevinovna Rafikov” that Sables satisfied with Bedlam in the summer in Moscow. Some distant Mr Ustinov or blogger Chickadee interest them more – than a whole Assange, who, so far as known. I need to explain why?

All right. For violators of the Russian laws you’re going to be in a newspaper, someone will give grantik and generally be fine. And for the protection that Snowden, who told us mnoogo interesting about the US intelligence services that the protection of Assange – which is no less interesting stories about the companions of the Shining city on a Hill – can in the best case to separate from the trough, and at worst you simply will not find or you will quickly die from accidental machine or an incurable and terrible disease. If you’re lucky – off with a denunciation of the maid.

All this, of course, is not surprising. But what Zhlobskie States of America and sounds good and make sense – so generally perfect, given, by the way, the constant whining of people that do not give him money, as Yavlinsky. One, so to speak – in one!

So, Zhi-Shi write through “and”, and the United States through J. As, indeed, they had the last time – everything is done!

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