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Zhebrivskyi uncovered the insidious plans of the Kremlin

Жебривский раскрыл коварные планы КремляPutin wants to occupy the whole of Ukraine, said the Governor of the Donetsk region.

Before scheduled for March 2018 presidential elections in Russia, the Kremlin will try to escalate the situation in Ukraine, particularly in the occupied Donbas.

This was stated by Chairman of the Donetsk military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi.

According to him, all so obvious that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not going to let go of Ukraine because of human resource.

“It wants no part of the Donbass or Luhansk or the Donbas. Putin wants all of Ukraine. I’ve been analyzing and thinking – why Putin and Russia Ukraine? The lands they have more than enough. There the order can’t bring. And analysis including historical aspects, I have learned for myself – the Russian Empire is not possible without human resource of Ukraine. Without makeup of human intellectual resource in Ukraine, the Russian Empire will die. And that is why all this fighting and talking” – sitet zhebrivskyi.

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He also amatil that Russia has no forces for a large-scale offensive, but hit tocasino they can.

“A complete takeover of Ukraine is impossible, however, to keep the bleeding as the wound – Yes. That is why there are these constant attacks, sabotage enemy sabotage-reconnaissance groups. In addition, Putin in next March elections, and he needs to show that he’s worried about “donbasskiy” people. Therefore, a possible further deterioration in the Donbas. Putin will crawl until then, until you get the teeth,” added zhebrivskyi.

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