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Zelensky, the government has forced the States to guard

Зеленский у власти заставил Штаты насторожиться

U.S. researchers published a new report. It sets out the basic shortcomings of the “Board” Zelensky. State governments fear that the new head of Ukraine’s modest experience in politics. The main concern is the situation in the Donbas. In the United States “very worried” for the interests of Ukraine. More America is alarming the possible compromise of Ukraine and Russia in resolving the conflict in the Donbas. According to experts, such an act Zelensky will not take into account the national interests of the country.

The leader of the United States Donald trump has stated that his country respects the independence of Ukraine. He expressed his desire to cooperate with the newly elected President Zelensky. In General, the end justifies the means. Washington for a long time Kiev provides enormous financial assistance. Respecting the independence of Ukraine, at the expense of financial injections from Washington hopes to retain control over Kiev.

With the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the scheme worked perfectly. The US government was able to use leverage. With the new President, this number can not get through. For Washington, any interactions between Kiev and Moscow is dangerous. A very real possibility that the parties can negotiate.

According to the speakers, Zelensky role in politics can be understood only after the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. And while the States were waiting for surprises from the new leader of the Square.

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