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Zelensky said that the Russian intelligentsia would like to hear from their President

Зеленский сказал то, что российская интеллигенция хотела бы услышать от своего президент

New year’s congratulation of the President of Ukraine once again caused mutual misunderstanding of the Russian and Ukrainian intellectuals. There’s something important for the understanding of the situation. One like the other sick (and, let’s assume that this text read unfamiliar with the situation of aliens, — the balance here is counterintuitive).

Since Zelensky was elected in a landslide (and I think his voters new year’s address was well received), can we say that the Russian intelligentsia then closer to the Ukrainian people than its own Ukrainian?

It’s insulting assumption — and I remind you that the Russian people at some very important positions (Yes, the same krymnash) were also far from the Russian intelligentsia. Not sure, however, that somewhere there are neighbors, agree with the Russians about krymnasha, but the split between the intelligentsia and the “statistical people” thing often.

But I don’t really know. The Ukrainians certainly seem that the Russians are imperialists again I think if they better understand Ukraine, what they like the call Zelensky to see fellow citizens in political opponents because they prefer the way the internal civil conflict with neighbors the idea of Ukraine’s struggle with the external enemy (Russia).

It is likely that this motive exists. However, I still think that the Russians are projecting a position Zelensky, not (only) on Ukraine, but on Russia. It here political opponents increasingly forced out of the legitimate field, here the government is afraid of any dialogue with the dissatisfied, there is growing feeling of impending conflict. The intelligentsia of the conflict unwilling and afraid, but the only alternative seen steps forward, which could take power. And the power for eight years, has ceased to pretend that it is all Russians, she divided them into “their” and “foreign agents” — all unhappy with it. Zelensky, of course, said the words that I would like to hear from the President of the Russian intelligentsia, although he is referring to very different splits and a different country.

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