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Zelda returns in a new “pet Cemetery”! (VIDEO)

Zone Horror officially recognize the new “pet Cemetery” one of the most anticipated premieres of the year, and so we’ll give this film a high priority. You don’t mind? Tonight came the first teleroliki paintings, which in addition to the already familiar to viewers from the previously released trailer and shots of creepy kids and grandpa Jude Crandall performed by a good actor John Lithgow can finally see disgusting and terrible Zelda.

In the 1989 film in the role of Zelda was seriously ill and obviously insane sister Rachel creed, starred Andrew Hubatsek, and the character of Zelda was one of the most frightening even though in the story, Zelda has been given little attention.

In the new film, in this role, starred a young actress Alissa Brooke Levin, and we look forward to the opportunity to see it in action.

The script by Jeff Buhlerthat have adapted the novel by Stephen king for the new film adaptation, tells the story of how

Louis creed’s family moves into a rural house that, as it turns out, is adjacent to the gloomy pet Cemetery. This is where Louis buries the cat, the darling of the family, who died under the wheels of the truck. This death entails a series of horrific events that prove Cream what’s dead should stay dead…

Also in the film starred Jason Clarke (“Winchester. The house that ghosts built”), Amy Seimetz (“Alien: Covenant”), An Laurence (“Snowman”) and twins Lucas and Hugo Lavoie. Responsible for directing Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolch (“Eye-star”). Russian cinema before the movie gets 4 April 2019.

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Zelda from the 1989 movie.

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