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Zakharchenko made a “return DNR” in Ukraine

Захарченко допустил «возврат ДНР» в состав УкраиныFor the leader of “DNR” future is “multiple”.

The leader of the self-proclaimed “DNR” Zakharchenko aleksadr allowed the return of the “Republic” in the Ukraine on the confederative basis. He said this in an interview with Izvestia.

According to Zakharchenko, about federalization too late to negotiate and “this train is gone”, and now the separatists are ready to hold a dialogue with Ukraine “only on the basis of equality as an independent state”.

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“Maybe as an independent state we will be ready to negotiate with Kiev about the coexistence on a confederal basis, – said Zakharchenko, noting that this will be possible only after “in Kiev will change not just the government but the entire ruling elite”.

In his opinion, the current Ukrainian elite – the “greedy and vicious”.

Also Zakharchenko said that the war will end sooner or later talks about the principles of the dorms with Ukraine, because “geography’s not canceled”.

“We are ready for such negotiations now. But Kiev is not ready for them. And this power is not. So the future is multivariate. And among these options there are as the peace talks and the war”, – concluded the leader of the Donetsk separatists.

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