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Zack Snyder left the post of Director of “justice League” because of the suicide of the daughter

Sad news came from the US. And not because one of the most anticipated films of the year has lost a Director. When someone leaves a particular project (especially if you invested so much labor) is always sad. However, all this remains a work while there are things much more important. Zack Snyder officially vacated the Director’s chair comic blockbuster “justice League” (Justice League), together with the family to survive the death of the daughter of Otan. The girl killed herself at the age of twenty years.

As it turned out, the tragedy occurred in March, but Snyder and his entourage did not want to advertise it. The Director took a break from work, as well as his wife Deborah, is the producer of the “League”. They hoped that this would be their personal grief, which will not have to make the audience. But over time, Snyder has realized that it is not able to finish the film.

It seemed to me that returning to work will help get through this. If you dig in it will become easier. But it’s all-consuming work with extremely high requirements. Over the last two months I realized that we need to move away from the cinema and be with my family who really need me. This is a very difficult time for all of us.

The first decision of the Studio was to shift the Prime Minister, however, Snyder insisted to leave stated in the schedule of releases date: 16 Nov 2017. To date the main work on the film completed, but you want to shoot a few scenes. Now it will take the Creator of”the Avengers” Joss Whedon, which could add additional episodes at the request of Snyder. It is unlikely that in such a situation it would be possible to find the best candidate for the post of “Director on the field”. Whedon has long proved everything to everyone work with Marvel and was just about to make his debut in the DC universe with the movie “Batgirl”. On Bidone, apparently, will be the final installation of “the justice League”.

Automn – Zach’s daughter from his first marriage to Denise Snyder. The girl he brought along with his new wife Deborah. In their large family there are seven children, counting foster. According to parents, Atomn loved books and even wrote a novel in the genre sifi fantasy. It was written in the first person and told the story of the school outcast. Snidery hope that one day the manuscript will be published, and all proceeds from sales will go to charity.

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