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Z: awesome looking zombie horror Vasily sigareva!

Do you know many domestic films depicting the invasion of the living dead? And how many among them are good? That’s what it is. On the big screen and remember really nothing, but sometimes come across interesting projects. For Example, “Z” Vasily Sigareva. Premiere of the short film took place today, and “Zone Horror” could not pass.

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In the “Z” well almost everything. Setting, plot, dialogue, effects, and especially black humor. How do you like Nikolay Baskov in the role of a ghoul? In short, it’s really cool. The case when talent is impossible to hide. Many domestic producers make films that, to put it mildly, not always and in movies like. So, a set of ridiculous shots with the “stars” of our platform. And Sigarev took the and gave a great zombie movie, which is… just is! Okay, not “only”, but these 16 minutes of horror, of irony and a road trip down the viewer not only catharsis, but also to a new residential complex with spacious apartments. The result becomes even a little sad. Want more! The new episodes! Full meter! Sigarev bloody can. And you know what? It is possible, continued – in one form or another. At least Sigarev originally were aimed at something bigger and hoped to probe the soil of the genre.

Fans of dark cinema, the Director must be a sign of a pair of depressing social dramas, “Top” and “Live”. Latest and does can be called a social horror, and this is one of the most terrible and heavy paintings of domestic production in recent years. The main role in “Z” was performed by Yana Troyanova, the traditional “number one” in films sigareva and part of his wife. About nepotism, in this case, can not speak, because Troyanova is a wonderful artist, and her presence graces every movie. Family row did not disappoint this time. In short, watch and enjoy. Our hot recommendations.

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