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Yushchenko: Ukraine needs the political course of President Viktor Yushchenko

Ющенко: Украине нужен политический курс президента ЮщенкоThe ex-President commented on the political situation in Ukraine.

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko said that Ukraine needs a political course which he followed during his work. About this he wrote in Facebook.

“I’ll be indiscreet. I to this day am convinced that Ukraine needs the political course of President Viktor Yushchenko. In the broadest sense of the word,” wrote Yushchenko.

He stressed that he has not signed any agreement for which he was ashamed as President.

“I didn’t sign the treacherous gas agreement, I did not hand over the Crimea, I did not hand over the Eastern Donbass. I am in relation to his nation was honest, it seems to me, was professional, and I have no regrets,” said the ex-President.
He noted that he was not ashamed to look into the eyes of his children and the nation.

“Although, of course, the next 5 years would not hurt in order to continue to deepen this course. So when you go in 2010, you show your fundamental attitude tomorrow,” added Yushchenko.

At the same time this message in the social network is not the beginning of the presidential campaign, Yushchenko. This was reported by press Secretary of former President Irina Vannikova in comments to “Gromadska”.

“Victor Yushchenko wrote that did not consider the course which he held the post of President is wrong, and only this,” said the spokesman.

Viktor Yushchenko became the third President of Ukraine. He was in this position from 23 January 2005 to 25 February 2010.

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