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Yushchenko spoke about the problem of the occupied territories

Ющенко высказался о проблеме оккупированных территорий
The problem of the occupied territories cannot be solved only by diplomatic or military means.

This opinion was expressed by the third President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in interview to “the Ukrainian truth”.

“Odnogolosy no. There is no quick solution either in Donbas or Crimea. How long will it last? It is not a question in years, it is a question in the process. I have a sadness that we, perhaps, do not understand what diplomacy is required. So. But only diplomacy, I’m sorry, we don’t win… wars are always 2 roads. There is a road-win, but there is a road-surrender. The third is not given. The world is coming and after the first road after the second. Only this world of the occupation when you don’t have their homeland, their country, people. You have a little Russia – province of the South-Russian. This is one option and this can be achieved in 3 days”, – said Victor Yushchenko.

He noted that to win, in addition to diplomacy, you need the correct military doctrine, foreign policy, defence and security policy, economic, social.

“Obviously, we need to upgrade the format, the diplomatic components should be developed. In other words, the package is a victory components, designed for time, and these components a lot. It’s like toothpaste from a tube, which we have to squeeze, if you want to brush your teeth. This is no simple military response,” stated Yushchenko.

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