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Yulia Nachalova scares excessive thinness after a breakup with her lover

Recently it became known that the relationship of Yulia and Nachalovo Alexander Frolov is over. First, she clearly tried to show that she’s doing well: the star even starred in a provocative photo shoot.

However, now fans of the actress are seriously concerned about the state of her health! The reason for alarm was a new the Julia, which she published in Instagram. The photo depicted the singer in shorts and her legs look overly skinny.

Bloggers suspected that the stress Yulia began to rapidly lose weight. Many even suggested that the actress anorexia. Members advised Nachalovo to think about their own health as quickly as possible.


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We will remind, Yulia Nachalova and hockey player Alexander Frolov has been together for more than four years. Until recently it seemed that the couple everything is perfect. In a great relationship were the couple’s children from previous novels, daughters Sasha and Faith instantly found a common language and become friends. Julia and Alexander met in America. According to rumors, it was there between them and there was chemistry, the result of which was the break with Julia, the now ex-husband Evgeny Aldonin.

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Julia was married twice. The first husband of the singer was soloist of the group “Prime Minister” Dmitry Lansky, whom Julia had married in 2001. Second — Yevgeny Aldonin, it formalized the relationship after five years. In this marriage she had a daughter Faith (10 years).

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