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YouTube will be hard to control the rollers with the participation of children

YouTube будет жестко контролировать ролики с участием детейYouTube has made changes to the rules on the rollers with children, as reported in its official blog.

“In recent months we’ve noticed a trend of content on YouTube that is trying to seem like family, and actually isn’t.

If some of these videos may be suitable for adults, others are completely unacceptable, so we work on their removal from YouTube ” – explain in the company.

Before the video announced his decision, approached by BuzzFeed with a call to pay attention to the channels that exploit children. Reporters found dozens of videos, mostly from Eastern Europe, in which children associate with ropes, act out scenes of abduction, forced to play “doctor” with the adults, etc. In many of these videos had millions of views.

The next day all the channels and video, reported by BuzzFeed journalists have been removed. And only last week the service blocked about 50 channels with similar videos in English, Spanish, Japanese and other languages.

So now YouTube to remove the videos, which depict real or drawn abuse of children or family members, suspend accounts, “threaten” children. The “family” commercials, which will notice exploitation of children will be removed the ads and inappropriate comments will be blocked. To search for such content, the company uses artificial intelligence. In addition, in the coming weeks, the company will publish a detailed guide on how to create a “family” of the content for the YouTube Kids app.

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