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YouTube has spent a huge amount into the music industry

YouTube потратил огромную сумму на музыкальную индустриюData analysts say that YouTube over the past year has paid more than $ 1 billion to the music industry.

This amount relates primarily to the services of the screening of videos, storage and subsequent monetization.

As you know, the primary source of earnings to YouTube are primarily various promotional materials. The various tools of an appropriate nature broadcasts regularly introduce on the website, updating opportunities for earnings.

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In particular, at the moment this is achieved by adding to the beginning of clips of different advertising (the largest sector, in this case, are mobile games). In addition, the administration also agreed that we should simplify the procedure of adding references. Despite such impressive figures, dubbed YouTube, American recording industry Association this state of Affairs is extremely unhappy.

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YouTube officially this information is not disseminated early, they believe, only because the is they earn significantly more. The amount of 1 billion, according to the musicians, not so great. Such statements are made solely with the purpose to increase the interest in the resource.

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