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YouTube has a new feature

В YouTube появилась новая функцияYouTube launches analogue of the “Stories” Instagram.

A YouTube video introduced a new feature called Reels, which resembles the “History” Instagram and Snapchat.

A new form will be available only to users of the YouTube Community, a subsection of the main website, where blogs with more than 10 thousand subscribers, according to the official developer blog Youtube.

Representatives of the service stated that the Reels would be “a simple way to Express yourself and interact with fans.” In particular, as the developers noted, “this new feature will allow viewers to join the creative process.”

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Unlike Instagram and Snapchat Stories, Reels on YouTube do not automatically disappear after 24 hours after publication. At the request of the author they can stay forever and be available for viewing. You can apply filters, write text, attach stickers, and links to other videos. Users will also have the opportunity to evaluate the Reels, putting them likes or dislikes.

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Note that the YouTube Community was launched in the fall of 2016. The authors of the channels in the YouTube Community, in addition to the video, can share with followers photos, gifs and text posts.

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