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YouTube complicated methods of earning money

YouTube усложнил методы заработка денегFive years ago, YouTube partnership program became available to everyone.

It was a truly Grand event, since any user can register, to post a video and immediately start to profit from views.

As a result, a huge number of video content creators, YouTube has become the world’s largest video platform. This entailed a number of problems. Some users started to upload on my channel other people’s video clips and other content, receiving money from hits. To solve this problem, Google has made changes in affiliate program terms and conditions.

Now users can start to monetize your videos as long as the channel does not reach 10 000 views. In Google believe that such amount is sufficient to collect enough information about the channel to know whether its legal content. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“In a few weeks we will add a verification process for new authors that submit an application for participation in the YouTube partner program. After the customer taps on my channel 10 000 views, we will analyze their effect on compliance with our rules. If all goes well, we will get this channel on YPP and start display ads on their content. The new rules will help to ensure that revenue is received only by those who play by the rules,” said Ariel Bardin, Vice President YouTube product management.

Such a change in the policy of the YouTube partner program not only will reduce the amount of pirated content, but will allow advertisers to invest only in proven channels.

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