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YouTube boasted a record number of subscribers

YouTube похвастался рекордным числом подписчиковAccording to the latest statistics, the monthly audience of YouTube is 1.5 billion people.

And this is just registered users who are to log on to the service using your Google account.

What is the number of viewers who view videos on the popular video sharing no registration, no reported. Previous psychological boundary in 1 billion YouTube overcame in 2013, and then, presumably, takes into account all the spectators, including unregistered.

According to official data, subscribers, YouTube daily spend one hour of your time to view it on mobile devices. For comparison, the US population watch TV on average four hours a day, that is, according to the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojecki (Susan Wojcicki), video hosting is something to strive for.

By the way, TV audience YouTube is the fastest growing today: compared to last year the number of those who use to access TV service has increased by 90 %. In the company of this success relate with the launch of online TV YouTube TV.

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