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YOUR OPINION: What is good and bad in the Area of Horror?

Friends (and foes – by the way, you also wait here) as many have noticed, the site in recent months several changes have taken place. We brought in a good team, worked with the technical side of the resource (zabatsal a new menu, for example) and generally full of energy and will continue very active and a lot to develop in different directions at the same time keeping the face and without departing from the principles of memory as an information and entertainment resource No. 1 on the horror and everything a little bit connected with it.

The plans are ambitious. In the spring we have just started this work in the summer (during the holiday season, after all) took some time to reflect, optimization and the search is necessary to Finance innovations, which is already there. We will continue to act on the technical part (better comment system and not only) in the near future – I think within a month or two, that is, in the fall, you will notice something new. And while there’s still time – give everyone a chance to speak.

We work for you and together with you, so your opinion, your proposal is interesting for us. That is not so NOW in the Area of Horror? What do you miss? Why (that is) you would like, and what, on the contrary, SMALLER?

And Yes, you know that we are here, to put it mildly, do NOT like when we find fault hurl, so the accounts of any dull gonorrhoea easily and naturally cut down… BUT. This survey is a special case. Here – Wellcome, if you really want to water the Zone Horror guano. If you want to praise us for something – we too not against 🙂 Specifically, and ONLY here, in the comments to this poll, you have the right to say what you think of us – and for you it WILL be NOTHING.

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