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YOUR CHOICE: Rangiroa the movie series FRIDAY the 13TH: from worst to best!

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Chi-Chi-Chi, Kha-Kha-Kha. In other words, we continue to publish series tops the results of voting polls, held in a Zone of Horrors in order to find out which part of the popular horror-franchises, the public considers the best and which the worst.

In August we started a vote on the series “Friday the 13th”, and you still can take part in it, because the vote itself remains open.

Note that, as in the case of “Texas chainsaw massacre”, the current results of the vote was not without surprises. On the other hand, the first original film 1980 release, I wouldn’t have given… But all in good time.

So in last place in this top turned out to be a movie…

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason stormed Manhattan (1989)

Original title: Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Directing: Rob Hedden

Scenario: Rob Hedden

The plot:

New York in mortal danger! Indestructible monster Jason Voorhees is going to visit the Big Apple and significantly “reduce” the number of residents! After the “triumphal” return from the grave, Jason decided to treat yourself to a “romantic” trip on a ship in the company of freshly baked school graduates. Arranging on Board the carnage and not without pleasure, destroying most of the passengers, Jason drowns the ill-fated ship and sent to storm Manhattan!

Votes in the poll: 76

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