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YOUR CHOICE: 10 best and 10 worst novels of Stephen king!

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A week ago we had a big open voting, in which he listed ALL the novels of Stephen king and asked you to mark those you like the King the most. To vote could be for any number of novels and there were only 56 positions.

Today we are focusing on your opinion on “voice of the people”, made a special top. The specifics of it is that it is both top and anti-top. We found that the novels that have won the most votes, will be rightly considered the best of the writer, and the books with the least votes is logical to consider the worst. And thus received the ten best and ten worst novels in the career of the king.

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If you do NOT agree with this “double” top, keep in mind: we have NOT closed the voting so you can vote for any of the novels of the author – unless they voted early.

Well, drove?!

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