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Young Schwarz and the young John Connor (PHOTOS) – the events of the new “Terminator” will get us back in the 90s?

We prepare the Creator of the legendary novels by James Cameron and directed a new film about the Terminator Tim Miller? Really nothing is known except that the new film will ignore the events of all the sequels, starting with “Terminator 3”. And, judging by what we already know about casting continues the story of the mother of the Savior of humanity with Sarah Connor and her son John. Filming is already underway!

We also know that actress Linda Hamilton in the film – probably in the role of the aged Sarah. And Arnold Schwarzenegger will also return.

Further – more. Gabriel Luna will play the role of a new cyborg assassins, and bodybuilder Brett Azar, served as the model for the CGI version of young Schwarzenegger in “Terminator: Genesis” is involved in the project, Cameron-Miller – that is, we again show the T-800 as he was in the first movie about the Terminator.

The last hunch – just a hunch, official confirmation of this version was not. BUT!!!

The Network has emerged a new photo from the shooting with the participation of Azar, and he is in this picture not one, but in the company of child-actor Jude Collie (Jude Collie)that looks (especially hair) is VERY similar to a young Edward Furlong in the John Connor from “Terminator 2”.

And the person who posted this picture wrote that the Collie, like hazard, will be the CGI model.

What does it all mean? And the fact that in the new “terminator” will show viewers a scene involving “young Furlong” and “young Schwarzenegger” as we remember them in the sequel to the 1991 release. Does this mean that the events in the new film to turn around in 1991? Partly Yes.

It seems that all we have to wait for news about what the project involved Robert Patrick in the role of the liquid-metal terminator T-1000. Moreover, the actor himself would have wanted.

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