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Young mother black chyna is rapidly losing weight


As we already know, the Kardashian family recently have a new addition: model black chyna (Blac Chyna) and Rob Kardashian November 10, became the parents of girls dream Renee.


In the last months before birth black already wanted to return to the old forms, because during pregnancy the model has gained too many extra pounds. So, after the kid was born, China was coming into shape, so quickly that even Rob was surprised, because he is trying to lose weight for a long time.

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Once Rob even said that for the sake of losing weight will reduce my stomach. At the time, the brother star of the Kardashian sisters were slim, but at one point he began to “jam” depression and gained over 30 pounds.


Fans were surprised by the figure of China: a young mother went for a walk with her elder son king by rap Taiga (who is now Dating Kylie Jenner). Black chose a form-fitting jumpsuit of pastel hues and studs and looked very impressive. The fans did not skimp on the compliments to the young mother.

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