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Young American shocked his father with his plan for mass murder classmates

Юная американка шокировала отца своим планом на массовое убийство одноклассниковThe girl wanted to repeat the scenario of “Columbine”.

18-year-old faces up to 25 years in prison, now she is on a psychiatric examination.

18-year-old American Nicole Cesario since at least December 2016 were preparing for mass murder at school “Catoctin”: she bought a gun and bullets, examined the plan of the school and the routines of the guards, thought out scripted attacks.

Her father read her diary and called the police, she was detained. The police sure failed to prevent mass murder, comparable with the events at the school “Columbine” (13 killed) and “sandy hook” (26 killed).

Nicole Cesario from Thurmont, Maryland, was in the last class of the school “Catoctin” and was very well thought of in her name as of the publication in a local newspaper, hung on the school honor roll. Nicole has engaged in a course of criminal law, and even kept a diary, which at the end of March read her father.

Since mid-December 2016 Nicole wrote in her diary, as she wants to come to school and commit a massacre similar to the massacres in schools “Columbine” and “sandy hook”.

Nicole wasn’t going to kill anyone in particular, she planned to shoot teachers and classmates indiscriminately. The plan of attack was the most detailed, according to the police of Maryland, all of the steps Nicole was painted almost by the minute. Separately, she wrote in her diary that will be the first girl who had organized the mass murder at the school.

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Nicole is also a well-studied scheme of evacuation at the school and learned how guards work and how they are armed. According to police, the girl asked one of the employees of the school, what is the plan of action in case of fire in the premises of the school.

As an adult, Nicole legally bought the shotgun and ammunition. She was planning to make a bomb out of scrap pipe and prepared almost everything we needed: a detonator, strike elements (nails) and fireworks, of which she was going to get explosive. The scheme of the explosive device was extremely simple, it is easy to find on the Internet, police say.

According to students of the school “Catoctin”, which is familiar with Nicole, she always gave the impression of a positive person, says CBS. Teachers also believed that Nicole could pose a threat.

The girl was detained on Thursday, 23 March, but the police for several days did not reveal any information about her. Nicole has withdrawn from school, the girl did not resist. To learn about the plans Nicole managed through her father — he read the diary of his daughter and immediately reported to the police.

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In the diary was the date of attack is April 5, she wrote that he is not going after him to survive. The police believe that associates she had.

What inspired Nicole to such careful planning mass murder at the school, is still unknown. No information about her being humiliated or bullied in school, in her diary, no.

Nothing is known about her views and interests — in any case, the police in the interests of the investigation does not say. Police from Maryland suggest that the girl could suffer from any mental disorder.

Now Nicole Cesario is a psychiatric examination, after which it should be placed under arrest. She faces up to 25 years in prison on the charges of possession of explosives, intent to create an explosive device and others. US law allows to be tried for crimes prevented as well as implemented.

“Based on what I’ve read, and my investigators came to the same conclusion — the attack could occur. We have no doubt that averted the catastrophe,” — said after the arrest of Nicole Sheriff police Frederick County Maryland Charles Jenkins.

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