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“You understand who flooded?”

"Ты понял, на кого попер?"

The court in Omsk has refused to place under house arrest of businessman Denis Klevakina, which is charged with possession and trafficking of cocaine. Drugs in his car was found after about minutes held an FSB operative — his actions were caught on surveillance camera of a shopping center. He Klevakin argues that the envelopes of cocaine was planted on him after a conflict with business partners, extorted from it 3 million roubles for transmission to the security services.

On the evening of 31 July 2017 Denis Klevakin parked his black Lexus LX570 with the number 555 T NS 55 near the entrance to the shopping center “Omsk”. Leaving the car, he went to the supermarket “Nourishing area” to buy food for dinner.

After about 15 minutes the man returned with the shopping, put a big white package in the trunk and went to the driver’s seat. In that moment, when Klevakin sat behind the wheel of a nearby parked van Ford popped up strong men in masks. Having broken the businessman’s hands behind his back, they loaded it in your car.

On the clock, according to the timer on the record with surveillance cameras over the entrance to “Omsk”, was 20:53. At 20:55, according to the same record out of the van came a man, dressed in black — as it turned out, it was an FSB operative Vladimir Sohrokov. He opened a Lexus with the key FOB and sat in the driver’s seat; further action difficult to discern because of the poor recording quality — it is clear only that he makes some motion with his hands. Less than a minute Sohrokov got out of the SUV. At 22:50 started inspection “Lexus”, during which found in the car of the envelopes of cocaine.

He Klevakin recalls that in the van he was held for about 40 minutes: “I asked them — who are you? I said, “find out.” Then another one of the task force said, “You understand who flooded? Those who helped you, any more will not help””. Keys, adds the businessman, he was taken immediately; that his car was penetrated by an outsider, he realized for vibration watches that are synchronized with alarms.

After a brief conversation he was pushed out of the van through another door. On the street, says Klevakin, the investigators put in the back pocket of his jeans purse, which he had left on the back seat of his Lexus. “Until this moment I thought that now will search, parrots and leave, I knew that I had nothing illegal there. But then I realized: something’s wrong,” — says the businessman. Security officers invited witnesses and turned on the camera; the record Klevakin had to tell staff that got access to his car and stuff, so he doesn’t know what it is. Then from the purse took out a package with white powder — further examination will show that the bag was lying 3.48 grams of cocaine.

Even 7.25 ounce pre-packaged and laid out on postal envelopes of cocaine found in the car Klevakina — drug lay in a box under the armrest to the right of the driver’s seat. After the preparation of all reports the man was taken to the local FSB building on Lenin street — it was just 600 metres from the place of arrest. Up in the morning and Klevakina interviewed the security forces, offering to confess to drug smuggling. He refused. Despite the large size of the seized drugs and charged Klevakina suspicions, the investigator did not arrest him and let go without even taking on his own recognizance.

From the first moments of detention, according to the businessman, he knew his real reason.

Photos from the case

“Okay, now just sit»

Denis Klevakin holds the post of General Director of “OMTEKO” — construction company that specializiruetsya for anticorrosive treatment of pipes. “Working with oil wells, tanks, pipelines in the North. There are large customers — “Gazprom”, LUKOIL,” he explains. In 2015, says the businessman, he met with the couple entrepreneurs Natalia Zainullina and Maxim Baharom. “At first we had a good relationship, says Klevakin. They supplied the paint and other consumables to objects”. Several times, according to the businessman, talking business partners mentioned his connections in law enforcement, but he did not attach much importance.

In April 2017, says Klevakin, Boger, zaynullin, warned that his company “outlines the problems”, which can be solved for 3 million rubles. Money to the security forces, explained the couple, you will need to pass through them. Klevakin said that after several persistent requests, he stopped communicating with partners, and then made their numbers in the black list. Then, according to the businessman, the couple began to intimidate his chief accountant Svetlana Budkina. “In may, check came from the IRS. On paper — plain, but judging from how they behaved — no. They were interested in documents that do not relate to taxes, and estimate the profitability of the enterprise. And de facto paralyzed the work of the accounting Department,” she recalls Budkina. In one of the first days check, says the accountant, Boger sent her a text about what is happening — “only the beginning”.

In July Klevakin wrote a letter of extortion to the FSB, and Bodkin began to take on a meeting with spouses recorder. One of the first of such meetings was held in July 2017 in Omsk cafes Snatch Bar and Grill(record is in the possession of “media zones”). After hearing the complaints of accountant on regular inspections, zaynullina was advised to do nothing and “rusk”, “as the requirements [of inspection authorities] there is no sense to answer”. “[Klevakin] had me three rubles for a solution to the issue…” — says wife. They also threatened that Bukinoy “shines 5-10 years,” and her boss “just sit”. To avoid this, they said, need to pass 3 million rubles “specific people”.

Here only Denis can make a difference, says zaynullina on the record made by the accountant.

— And how can he change the situation? asked the accountant.

All that he promised must be fulfilled. That’s all. More he has no other way out. People are not fools, they ****** [cheated], well, they’re not exactly easy to they are so hard to do. <…> We came to them and said as it is — he will not pay, do with it what you want. So they do what they want. This is only the beginning.

After that, the accountant met with Bohera and Zainoulline two more times — discussed the deadline for the transmission of money and a way to “solve problems”. The couple resented the fact that Klevakin “messed up”, referring to the secret service.

19 Jul Budkina under the control of the FSB gave spouses a total of 2.65 million rubles marked with special solution. At the exit of the office Zainullina and Bogera detained. On the first interrogation they told that they wanted to keep the money, and the story of influential friends simply invented. The consequence believed the detainee and classified their actions as an attempted fraud by a group of persons in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). “During the arrest zaynullin told my accountant, well, now [Klevakin], just sit,” — says the businessman. The criminal case against him filed in two weeks.

“Did the movement hands»

Charges Klevakina filed only on 23 January 2018, and at once under two articles — about the possession of narcotics in the large size (a part of 2 articles 228 of the criminal code) and attempted to smuggle in a large size (part 3 of article 30 and part 3 of the article 229.1 of the criminal code). In both episodes featured the same envelope with cocaine — their presence in the car of the businessman has described both as storage and as a smuggling attempt.

According to the resolution on attraction as a defendant, Klevakin in unknown circumstances at an unknown time conspired with an unidentified accomplice in the Netherlands about how to illegally smuggle drugs across the Russian border. The role of the accused, says the paper, was the fact that he is an unidentified method was given his unknown accomplice mailing address for receipt of shipments with illegal substances.

The envelope containing the drugs was four, the total weight of the cocaine amounted to 15.06 grams. They were signed four addresses, two of which belong to the businessman and his mother-in-law. The recipient of the calls of a consequence Dmitry Pankov; Klevakin said he did not know the person with that name. The text of the charges under two articles of the possession and attempted smuggling — almost identical; in the first case, the investigators only add that businessman kept the cocaine for themselves without the purpose of sale.

Denis Klevakin. Photo: personal archive

A week after the arrest, says the businessman, he was contacted by the operative Sokratov and set up a meeting. “At the meeting, he said, “You know your problem?”And wrote on a piece of paper: “3 million”,” says Klevakin. According to him, FSB has once again offered to pay so the case was closed; the owner promised to think about it and wrote a letter to the UK with a request to bring Sohrakoff to justice.

In October 2017 Omsk publishing without reference to sources wrote that Denis Klevakin may be communicated by Klevakina brother Sergei, a former Deputy chief of UMVD of the Omsk region, which in January 2017, the court found guilty of receiving a bribe of 4 million rubles (part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code) and sentenced to four years imprisonment. In April of the same year, on appeal he was acquitted on an episode of bribery, but convicted of abuse of office (part 1 of article 286 of the criminal code); sentence reduced to 2.5 years. In October, the court granted the petition Klevakina about parole.

Denis Klevakin in conversation with “Mediazone” was assured, that is not in a relationship with the person. According to the documents published on the website of the Ministry of interior, middle name, Klevakina-police — Nikitich, and Klevakina-businessman — V..

Pay attention to the journalists and on the criminal past of the businessman, who allegedly “has three previous convictions”. Denis Klevakin confirmed “Mediazone”, which was judged earlier in the articles about extortion and robbery and was serving a sentence. “It was in the 1990s, so legal force later. For their schools in my youth, I paid in full”, — he added.

In late October, the senior investigator of the military investigation Department for the Omsk garrison Soloviev, who had verified the complaint of a businessman, called Sohrakoff and asked him to explain what he was doing in the car detained on July 31 alone and without witnesses. FSB officer in his explanation stated this version of events: after Klevakina was taken to a minibus, the owner told law enforcement officers about the gun left in his car. “From the operational information, I knew that Klevakin has repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility, has a violent character and is prone to inappropriate actions. So it is not used behind the machine gun, I decided to check the car,” wrote the detective. He climbed into the Lexus, check the box under the armrest and turned back; between the seats, he saw a black briefcase with protruding pistol in a holster. “Visually, this gun was not like Makarov or TT, so I left it in the briefcase because he knew that the guns of other brands to get in Omsk difficult,” — explained Sohrokov. As it turned out later that the weapon was a gas; the detective wrote that he did not remove it during the search, as it found all the necessary documents.

After a personal inspection of the businessman, according to the FSB, asked him about the conversation with eye to eye and admitted that envelope — he supposedly already long been using drugs. He Klevakin denies it; the case also has a certificate stating that the medical examination is not found in its organism of traces of prohibited substances. Sohrokov did not deny that the informal communicated with the businessman after the arrest (according to Denis, then Sokratov and extorted from it 3 million roubles), however, explained that just returned that was seized during the search of the passport.

This version has satisfied the investigator — he took out the resolution on refusal in initiation of proceedings to operative. Klevakin several times appealed against this refusal. The military Prosecutor’s office each time took his side and canceled the decision of the investigator; now the statement of the businessman is already the third test.

In the case of the Klevakina any investigative actions were not carried out until the end of November when of the Omsk laboratory of judicial examination of Ministry of justice came to an analysis of the storyboard of the video from surveillance cameras in the shopping center “Omsk”. The experts failed to clearly explain that the operative Sagrekow was doing in the front seat of the SUV, but with an accuracy determined that he opened and closed the drawer under the armrest. A private examination conducted by ANO “Forensic laboratory of audiovisual documents” at the request of the defence, came to a little more detailed findings — according to the report, Sohrokov a few seconds, “have made the movement with the hands” inside the armrest, put his hands to himself, and then again to the drawer.

“These actions could be associated with the seizure of the items and leaving them”, — concluded the examination.

Articles imputed Klevakina, assuming a sentence of 10 to 20 years of imprisonment. Despite the seriousness of the charges, Kuibyshev district court of Omsk on January 24 refused to a consequence the petition for arrest of the accused home (on detention have not even asked the investigator). 2 Feb confirmed this decision in Omsk regional court. With businessman took only on his own recognizance. “There are two factors. From a legal point of view, the investigation failed to provide evidence that Klevakin may be hiding — for example, he three times (during the investigation — MOH) flew abroad — or to exert pressure on witnesses. In fact, could play resonance — about the case knows the half of Omsk, a saw with a video camera,” — says the lawyer Roman Maksimovich, representing interests of the businessman.

Now, says Klevakin, the first thing he intends to seek the initiation of proceedings against the FSB operative. “In informal conversation I the Prosecutor said that the Commission gathers from Moscow, which will check that story out. We will wait” he concludes.

In December, the Central district court of Omsk has sentenced Zainullina and Bohera to four years of imprisonment conditionally. “That is, they are out there, laughing, saying that I sit for a long time,” says the businessman.

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